Adishtanam on Pongal Day!

Thanks Suresh for the photo and Periyava’s words!


Man is subject to all kinds of hardships and misfortunes. To remind ourselves of this, we eat the bitter flowers of the neem on Tamil New Year’s Day – that is on the very first day of the year we accept the bitterness of life.

During the Pongal ceremony, which is celebrated almost towards the close of the year, we have sugarcane to chew. If we have only sweetness in the beginning we may have to experience bitterness towards the end. We must not have any aversion for the bitter but welcome it as the medicine administered by Mother Nature or by dharma.

If we do so, in due course, we will learn to regard any experience, even if it be unpleasant, as a sweet one.

“We will learn to regard any experience, even if it be unpleasant, as a sweet one!”

Golden words of Swamigal.

Pongalo Pongal!



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  1. Fortunate to visit the Kanchi mutt on matti Pongal day and had a wonderful Darishanam of both Periaval’s performing Gho Pooja etc
    Suddenly remembered the adishtanam/ brindavanam mail
    It is clearly written on the top of the Mandapam in tamil ,Sanskrit,and two other languages as Brindavanam.t
    This should set at rest the name by which we mention the place once and for all.
    we all should call,mention the place as Brindavanam only
    But call it by any name! (As they say rose is a rose is a rose) it remains the Holiest place on Earth for all of us.

  2. Maha Periyava Adhishtanam and Sri Periyava Praying are Blessings for us on Makara Sankaranthi Day! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!
    As Bhagavan Adi Sankara is Shanmatha Sthapanaacharyar, Resting Abodes of Acharyaals could be addressed as Brindavanams and Adhishtaanams as both refer to the same Paramaathman, though technically Brindavanams have Thulasi Maadam and Adhishtaanams have Linga Prathishtai over them!

  3. The above is called brindavanam. Adhisthanam is one where there is Linga prathisthai. Brindavanam is where tulasi prathisthai. Though it’s only technical still I thought I would correct for you being so devoted to mahaperiyavaa and the extraordinary saint known for His perfection.

  4. Fine dharshan. Thanks.

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