Lord Hanumath Jayanthi Special from Smt Meena

Thank you Smt Meena for a wonderful drawing. I was away for the whole day and couldn’t post earlier. Although it is a day-delayed, it is amazing to see this wonderful drawing….Your choice to create a depth in the drawing is your trademark, which I love!

Jai Anjaneya!


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  1. This image is my desktop wallpaper now

  2. Namaste,
    I was very sad that our family was unable to go to the temple last week end.
    This picture brought solace to my heart.
    thanks for the picture and thanks for posting.
    Very unique and divine.

  3. Excellent drawing! Apart from the 3D effect, the expressions have also come very nicely! Surely Periyava’s blessings with you!

  4. Beautiful painting!!

    Jaya Jaya Sankara, Hara Hara Sankara

  5. rama namathil mayangiya nilayil iruvarum. very beautiful drawing.

  6. MahaPeriyava Charanam sharama

    The comments and stories about linking Rama, MahaPeriyava Anjeneya — this makes my day go so well.

  7. What an IDEA ?? !! ( Unique ONLY for Maha Periyava devotees ) SO BEAUTIFUL!!
    Jaya Jaya Sankara ! Hara Hara Sankara

  8. Lord Anjaneya and Maha Periyava are both Siva Svarupam! They enjoy Rama Naama! Beautiful sketch! May Maha Periyava Bless us all! Hara Hara Shankara, jaya Jaya Shankara!

  9. This is a wonderful drawing, one of the best ever on Mahaperiyava and Anjaneya alike.

    Sri Hanuman is the progenitor of the musical line that is popular in the North as Hindustani. it is mainly swara- based. Sri Narada is the patron of the music that is the staple of the South as Carnatic music, which is mainly sahitya-based. This information is provided by late Sri Ra.Ganapathi in his book “Jaya Hanuman.”
    Sri Tyagaraja was inspired by Narada and held him as his musical Guru (Narada Guru swami). but he had enormous respect for Hanuman.

    Though we know Hanuman as. the foremost devotee of Rama, it is perhaps for the first time we see him depicted as a Bhagavata- dressed as a Haridasa ! It is thrilling to see Him dancing to the tune of Rama Nama ! It recalls to mind the words of Sri Tyagaraja: Haridasuslu vedale muchchata konni anandamaye dayalo, jnana mutho Rama dhyana mutho manchi, gaanamutho menu dhaana mosnagu chu !

    It is so thrilling to see Mahaperiyava painted as singing Rama Nama! Music pervaded his whole being. He was the very embodiment of Naadha. Again, in the words of Sri Tyagaraja : Naadha sudha rasambilanu naraakrudaaya.

    We feel blessed seeing this drawing on Hanumath Jayanthi.


  11. I have never seen SHRI ANJANEYAR like this.Execellent.

  12. Unique drawing.
    Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara.

  13. 🙏 Namaskarams.
    I hope you are all aware that Sri Sri Sri Mahaperiyava is a descendant of the illustrious musician parampara of Sri Venkatamakhi who is renowned for his Chathurdandi Prakashika in which he explicates the Melakartha system of classifying Ragas 💐
    Music is in Sri Mahaperiyava’s prana 🙏
    Also is the fact that Lord Sri Hanuman is a divine musician who excelled in Veena , and his music could even melt rocks and mountains 👏
    Now imagine what happens if the duo come together in a concert 😀
    That’s exactly what this painting is all about 😀
    Two great maestros bonded in divine Ramamritha ganam 🙏🔯🌹

  14. Beautiful drawing. Reminds us of a posting on this forum some months back of an incident in Satara where Mahaperiyavaa was planning to climb a hill to have darshan at an Anjeneyar temple that was on the hill top and after he had taken a few steps a big monkey came rushing down and are some fruits that Mahaperiyavaa’s attendants gave him and disappeared in a few minutes. Surely it was none other than Anjeneyar Swamy who has come down instead of letting Mahaperiyavaa climb when he was 88 years or so old at that time. Mahaperiyavaa IS indeed none other than Lord Rama.

  15. superb drawing. Shows lots of originality and creativity. Very unique drawing.

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