Volunteers Needed-Sri Periyava Audio with Text In Youtube


Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara – Below is the note I received from Smt Lakshmi Prasanna for helping with creating text for all Periyava upanyasams (both Tamizh & English). It is awesome to listen to Periyava and follow along very well with text as seen in the sample upanyasam link below. If you have sometime in your hands and would like to participate in a Sath Karma please do so.  Below is the e-mail and contact details. Ram Ram



With the blessings of Sri Periyavas,  our project to bring Maha Periyava’s upanyasams audio with text in Tamil to YouTube is off to a divine start on New Year’s eve,  Guru Vaaram.  We dedicate this to the lotus feet of our Acharyas.

We are in need of volunteers to translate this text in English, can you please post this in the blog and whoever interested can email to mahaperiyava101@gmail.com

Happy New Year!  Maha Periyava Saranam.



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  1. I volunteer for writing the text in Tamizh language. Kindly assign the work.
    Regards and thanks

    • I have already done quite a few translations for Periyava ‘s audio text as well as for the blog Sage of Kanchi. I will consider myself fortunate if I’m assigned any work of Periyava to be translated.
      Thanks and regards
      Bharathi Shankar.

  2. please enroll me in this periyava kaingaryam.please let me know to my mail Id. thank you.

  3. Namaskaram,

    I’m willing to help. Please let me know.

    Thank you. Maha Periyava charanam.

  4. Namaskaarams. I’m very much interested in this venture and hope to do my best . Hope I will have the privilege of contributing something towards Periyava Kaingaryam. Jaya Jaya Shankara.

    • Thank you so much for all your kind responses. We will need volunteers for transcribing the audios, Tamil typing and English translation. We will get back to you shortly. Maha Periyava Saranam

  5. Thank you Mahesh.
    I have mailed to today to participate in this Divine Kaingaryam.

  6. we pray for the best efforts

  7. please also enrol me in some of your divine service to the possible extent i also request you to train me up in doing my best shree mahaswami potri potri jaya jaya jaya swamin jaya jaya

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