2016 Anusham Calendar

Thanks to Sri Suresh / Saanuputhran for bringing out a nice Anusham calendar for 2016….

Must-have image in our phones so that we can always refer.

2015 year was great from Anusham perspective as several anushams fell on Friday or weekends. In 2016, it seems to be the opposite…only 3 are during weekends…Regardless, we will take the extra step to make changes to our work hours on these special days to celebrate and receive the blessings of Mahaswami.

Thank you Suresh

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara


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  1. Hi all I want to celebrate anusham pooja this time . I am pregnant in 9th month. Can any one tell me what procedure should I follow to celebrate anusham. What slogas should I must chant

  2. You can come to Ganesh Apartments next to NAC Jewellers in North Mada Street. There is celebration both in morning and evening.

  3. I would suggest the Mahaperiyavaa Paduka Mandapam at PS Sivaswamy Salai, near Vivekanda College. You can feel the Divine vibrations there next only to the Adiahtanam.

  4. Hello , need to know where anusham poja is done I. Mylapore..we want to participate to pray for our child health ..

  5. missed this earlier. Thank You for this calender

  6. Excellent work.
    Hara hara shankara,
    Jaya jaya ahankara.

  7. Please give the info regarding the MUMBAI sastang centre if any?is anusham conducted by any of the devotees?

  8. Any idea whether Anusham- is conducted in Delhi by any of the devotees? Can you please share in case any details available with you

  9. pranams where to get anusham calender

  10. namaskaram. this is a golden service done to us by the blessings of LORD SRI SRI MAHAPERIYAVA.

  11. Great Service.
    Maha Periyavaa Sharanam

  12. அருமையான பணி. பெரியவா சரணம். வாழ்த்துக்கள்.

  13. I think it is wonderful that anusham coincides with Periva Aradhanai and to top it – It is the first Anusham of the year 2016. Very fortunate indeed to be living in such magical times.

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