Opportunity to contribute to Aradhana event at Adishtanam

Here is an urgent appeal from Sri Vignesh Studios. Since they’re running short of time, please call Balaji (+91 94-44-021296) and discuss on how you can support.


Attention All Devotees of Kanchi Matam

Sri Vignesh Photographics Conducting Sri Kanchi Maha Swamigal’s Anusham, Moolam, Pradosham and Avittam (Golden Chariot) Function at Adhishtanam Kanchipuram.

For The Last Ten Years We are Celebrating Sri Sri Mahaswamigal`s Janma Jayanthi and Aaradhan in a grand manner. Devotees who attended the function on that day known fully well about this.

This year we are in shortage of funds. If any devotees wishes to contribute for the divine Aaradhana function they can do so according to their wish. Aaradhana Wednesday 6th January 2016

The Following Items are left out for the Function and need support.

  • Meals For All at Aryabavan Kanchipuram For 1000 Nos – 65000/
  • Chithraannam (Variety Meals) For 1000 Nos at matam After Aaradhana By 1.30 pm Rs 75000/-
  • Arcot Bakkan Beda Sweet(Like Gulab jamun) 1000 Nos 25000/-
  • வாழை மரம் (Banana Tree) 40Nos 20000/-
  • புஷ்ப மாலை (Garland) Orikkai Adhishtanam hanging garlands at the back 16000/-
  • Cardamom and Pepper Garland 15000/-
  • Biscuits For Devotees 1000 nos 20000/-
  • Water Bottle 1000Nos 12000/-
  • Cool drinks (Bovonto, Lassi, Grape juice, Fanta Etc.) 1000nos 30000/-
  • HH Photographs 12×8 & 8×6 Size Each 1000nos  + 2000nos 2B Pocket Photo 36000/-
  • Milk for Abhishekam Adhishtanam & Orikkai Each 1000ltrs  Rs 70000/- (@35/-per Litter)
  • Panjamirtham (Dry Fruits) (Badam, Cashew, Kismis,  Fig, Honey, Ghee, Bananna 3 Types, Pomegranate) Each 5kg Rs 36000/-
  • Sandal Powder, Oil, Rose Essence, ஜவ்வாது,  1st Quality Rs 16000/-
  • Fresh Fruits For Aaradhana Brahmana 36 Persons 54000/-

Contributions for the above Function may be sent to
SB A/c No: 20011172082
Bank of Maharashtra
T.Nagar Branch
4,Sivagnanam Road,
T.Nagar, Chennai 600 017.
IFSC Code: MAHB0000450
MICR Code: 600014004
Branch Code:000450



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  1. Thanks Mahesh for sharing this. I also made some contribution & shared the net transfer details to vigneshstudio@gmail.com

  2. Mahesh
    Thanks for sharing the information.
    I just spoke to Balaji asking for his mail-id to send the confirmation after net-transfer.
    He said that his mail-id is ‘vigneshstudio@gmail.com’.

  3. Aradhana event cannot be an excursion. The sanctity and the austerity should prevail.Most of the visitors drop the remains in around the puja Mantap which has to be avoided at all costs. Food and beverages could be served out side Mutt or near sandarpanai

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