New Year special from Umesh


Congratulations to Umesh for completing his 50th drawing of Periyava. Each of his drawing is a gem. This one is equally good. To me, this is sending a message to all of us that in 2016, we should develop more devotion to Ambal.

அருண கிரண ஜாலை ரஞ்ஜிதா ஸாவகாஸா
வித்ருத ஜப ஸ்படீகா புஸ்தகா பீதிஹஸ்தா
இதர கரவராட்யா புல்லகல்ஹார ஸம்ஸ்தா
நிவஸது ஹ்ருதி பாலா நித்ய கல்யாணரூபா (சீலா)

Om Sri Bala Tripurasundaryai Namaha!

Thank you Umesh for this treasure!



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  1. Wonderful!

  2. ஸ்ரீ பெரியவா சரணம்

  3. Beautiful . A tallented person gifted by Mahaperiyava

  4. Verynice

  5. Beautiful

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  6. Exquisite

  7. Nicely composed and done, Umesh !

  8. Happy New year to all !!

    May Ambal shower us with HER Blessings to develop more devotion to HER. Without that nothing is possible. …..Avan Arulale Avan Thall Vanangi….

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