Gho Matha-Our Native Breeds

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara – Wanted to share with you all our Gho Matha native breeds picture. As you are all aware lot of our native breeds are fast becoming extinct and these are the few breeds remaining. There is a heavy demand for these native breeds in the slaughter market. Apart from its immense spiritual benefits scientific research has also proved why our native breeds dairy products are superior to foreign breeds (No disrespect to foreign breeds but all we have now is the crossbred versions). The milk (A2 vs A1) and other dairy products that we get from Vedic breeds though much less in quantity are way ahead in terms of quality. Pure native breeds are rare to find and there are malicious efforts to cross breed these with inferior breeds resulting in adulteration. As you see in these pictures, typically they have a hump in their back which is absent in foreign breeds. Let’s support Ghosala’s that maintain Vedic breed cows and support native organic farming by buying their products. Thanks Shri. Mahesh for the picture. Ram Ram.


Gho Matha Desi Breeds

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  1. thanks for sharing.raja

  2. Could you please list down the Ghosalas that have Vedic breed cows?

  3. Thank you for this timely message. Organic farming teaches that just one native breed cow/bull is enough for a farm of 10 to 20 acres to provide the ingredients for pesticides and natural fertilisers – pancha kavyam, jeeamrutham, cow horn manure, and gomiyam etc. The cow dung and gomiyam from native breeds works best – according to experienced organic farmers. To reduce the financial losses in farming, and to get back our healthy grains and vegetables, native breeds have to be protected and their number needs to be increased.

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