Updated Android App for Periyava Radio

Dear Devotees,

Thanks for your outstanding support for Periyava Radio and making the launch a great success. I am seeing many of you are listening to the radio and more importantly sending us feedbacks constantly. We are taking each and every one comments seriously. I see the # of listeners are steadily increasing – good to know. Please be rest assured that we are working hard to introduce more interesting programs and soon we will make few announcements regarding the same.

One of the major feedbacks was around Android mobile app & the compatibility issue. However, those who are having older android phones could not find this app due to compatibility reasons.

In order to cover more audience we have made changes to the app so that even older phones could successfully install this new version.

To be clear, any android phones with version 4.1 and above can use this app for listening. For those who have phones with versions below 4.1 can only listen through the website (www.periyavaradio.net).

Click the button below to download the app to install.

Install the app, enjoy the contents even other than the radio and enjoy!

Please use the feedback option from the app to send us your feedback of the app.

FYI – iOS app is yet to be approved.

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!






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  1. It is very very good. Thank you Mahesh..

  2. It is very very good. That too SriGanesh Sharma speech Bhajans etc that too in the night time you are taking us nearer to Mahaperiava. I will pray God that you people will have strength to continue for ever

  3. My humble namaskarams to MahaPeriyava!

    Thanks a lot for the app. Will try out for some time and give feedback.

    Kind regards – Viswanathan

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