Veda Rakshanam-Shri Sarma Sastrigal’s Commendable Effort


Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara,

Few days back Shri. Mahesh made a posting about Shri Sarma Sastrigal’s commendable effort on Veda Rakshanam. Click to read that HERE

Shri Sarma Sastrigal has got the whole hearted blessings of both our Periyava’s in this noble cause. In the below video he explains more about this initiative.Ram Ram




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  1. Dear Subandhu

    Saprema Namaskar.

    Thank you for your positive response.

    In the rush and tumble of today’s world where observance of rituals is more an exception than the rule, a wonderful truth that has emerged after some painstaking research is that some parents of this generation send their children to learn the Vedas and absorb the practice of our religion as it should be done.

    Yes! There are young couples in their twenties and thirties who are very clear that their children should pursue education not merely for the purpose of livelihood, but join Veda Pathashala-s in their formative years and imbibe the rare and precious Vedic knowledge that has been handed down to us through many millennia.

    These fathers and mothers have taken positive, courageous action to show that they care. They have convinced their children, who belong to the current I-pad, 4-G generation, to learn our great scriptures. And they have done this tremendous job quietly, with no fanfare, no media coverage. None of us even know about this quiet revolution. This is clearly unacceptable: these men and women have to be in the limelight.

    It is therefore my suggestion — and plan — that these wonderful parents should be showcased to the rest of our community through a proper, well-publicized function on March 13, 2016 at Chennai.

    We are therefore launching a search for all such noble souls, to get them together at one pace on the appointed day and present them to the world. Their path-breaking action will be highlighted, their rationale explained to the agnostics, and their initiative assured of whatever support we can give.

    The programme is going to be held under the banner of LOKA KSHEMA SEVA SAMITI

    In this function it would only be in the fitness of things to present the couples with the right kind of offerings to show our appreciation. we expect around 200 couples.

    A tentative list of things we will need for making this celebration truly grand is given below:

    * Vastram for the couple ( 9×5 veshti, Madisar pudavai with blouse bit, Bag, etc) : 3 lakhs
    * Bhojanam for the parents and invitees (around 750) : 2 lakhs
    * Transport expenses for the parents : Rs. 75,000/-
    * Sambhavanai: 2 lakhs
    * Hall, printing materials and other misc expenses: 2.25 lakh

    I am writing this to all of you, my good friends who have a sincere concern for the practice of our great dharma for two purposes:

    (1) You have seen the list and the rough quantities of each item. An estimate of the cost of these items, plus the cost of holding the function, is around Rs 10 lakhs.
    (2) I will also need volunteers from you for getting the project executed smoothly and admirably.

    Here are the bank details:

    Name: Loka Kshema Seva Samiti
    Bank: City Union Bank
    Branch: T’Nagar
    Account No. 510909010029161
    IFC code: CIUB0000001

    You may also inform Sri Viswanathan once you effect the transfer. His mail id: Mobile: 9840318675

    Clearly, the amount required is large and we will need donations. It is my personal request that you contribute what you can, and enthuse all your friends, relatives and other contacts to come forward with their magnanimous contributions.

    The job is admittedly big and tough, but the rewards are tremendous. We will be performing a very great service for the cause of our rich heritage.

    Sarma sastrigal, Chennai

  2. Sure. Can you please contact me via my mail id:

  3. Please provide bank details.I don’t know how this very great idea came to you.Ellam AVAN seyal.

    • The budjet – proposed – is around Rs.9 lakhs for the grand programme. You may send your cheque drawn in favour of LOKSA KSHEMA SEVA SAMITI and send it to:

      Sri Balasubramnian
      New No.11, Medley First street,
      Off. Muthurangan salai
      Chennai 600 017

      Sarma Sastrigal;

  4. தன்யோஸ்மி

    சர்மா சாஸ்திரிகள்

  5. அருமையான திட்டம். மெம்பர்களும் உதவலாம்

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