More artistic work from Smt Meena


Smt Meena Elango is no stranger here – extremely talented artist and an expert in designing several wooden/glass art as well. She has done few more projects in the past few months. Although she has been sharing these work, due to my own inability to manage time across lots of activities, I could not post them on time. My apologies to her for the delay in the posting.

First one is the work where Periyava is praying to Lord Ganapathi for Chennai rains/flood. So thoughtful of Smt Meena during one of the toughest times for Chennaites..


Second one is the improvised mena. To me, this completes her mena project. Periyava’s mena always had doors. I have heard that Periyava closes that door at night and during the time when He does dhynam. I saw the mena made (without doors) by Smt Meena in NJ in a devotee’s house – it looks real good….

Final one is the glass mandapam for Periyava.Extremely well-done. As usual, Periyava tested Smt Meena and made her reach a point where she almost gave up on this project for want of the correct wooden piece to fit on the door…At last, karunamoorthy, showed her the solution too..Here is the final product!!

Thanks Smt Meena for sharing. Sorry for the delay…Please keep doing more work for Periyava!

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!







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  1. Amazing works by Smt Meena Elango!!

  2. By Grace of Maha Periyava , I am one among several devotees of Maha Periyava. I want to offer
    glass mandapam for Periyava in my pooja room.
    Pl. guide , where I can purchase.

  3. Good to seeRAJA

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