Bring that inland letter!

Thanks to Sri Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian for sharing this experience.


Sri Mahaswamigal of Kanchi Mutt has glorified the presiding deity Lord Veleeswara of West Peruvemba, Palakkad  as “Vilichal Vilikelkkum Deivam”.  VPSRIM trust has organized a Veda Padasala close to the Veleeswaram Temple in West Peruvemba, Palakkad, a few years back under the divine instruction of Kanchi Jagadguru Sri Chandrasekharendra Swamigal.  The main patron of this organization is our cousin Sri. P.K. Ganesha Vadhyar (Mumbai Ganesha Vadhyar).  He has taken great efforts to build this institution.  He is an ardent devotee of Kanchi Mahaswamigal.

Fortunately, we had the opportunity to serve Sri Ganesha Vadhyar and his wife during their visit to U.A.E.  During this period, he shared us a few intense moments he had with Kanchi Mahaswamigal.  Those were the most anticipated and treasured moments of our life.  While we were having lunch, he shared most of his experiences with Mahaperiyava with tears in his eyes.

While Mahaperiyava was camping in Satara, Ganesh Vadhyar’s father Sri. Krishna Iyer made a visit to seek HIS blessings.   Sri Krishna Iyer had Mahaperiyava’s darshan and explained his distress.  He narrated to Mahaperiyava the long absence of one of his sons, Ganeshan who had left home to learn Vedas and Upanishads at a young age.  Despite all efforts and inquiries, Sri Krishna Iyer failed to trace his son’s whereabouts  or any news about him.  Mahaperiyava comforted him saying ,

“Nee ippo oorukku kilambu, rendu nalila unakku un payyan vivaram kedakkum”

Sri Krishna Iyer left the Satara camp with a heavy heart and with a new hope.  He was very sure that once the matter was brought into HIS ears, things would take place in the right manner.  On the same day, Sri Krishna Iyer’s son Ganesha Vadhyar (accompanied by his Guru) was on his way to visit Mahaperiyava in Satara.  What a coincidence!

Sri Ganesha Vadhyar and his Guru arrived in Satara and had darshan of Mahaswamigal. Ganesha Vadhyar stood behind his Guru and had a meticulous darshan of Mahaswamigal.  Instantly, Mahaperiyava instructed Ganesha Vadhyar to come forward and asked a few questions.  Ganesha Vadhyar respectfully answered all the questions.  Mahaswamigal ordered to one of his assistants.

“Poyi antha inland konduva !”

The person who received the order from Mahaswamigal sincerely followed the instruction and brought an “inland letter”.  Mahaperiyava handed the “inland letter” to Ganesha Vadhyar and said

“Appavukkum Ammavukkum nee enga irukkenu kadithasi podavendama ?”

Mahaswamigal sternly instructed Ganesha Vadhyar to open the inland and write a letter to his parents.  He patiently dictated him how to write.   After writing the letter when Ganesha Vadhyar folded the inland, he was shocked to see the sender’s name and address was already filled on it!

Ganesha Vadhyar was stunned with a lot of questions in his mind.  Later, he came to know from someone in the camp that his father had made a visit and discussed his grief with Mahaperiyava.  His eyes filled with tears and started overflowing.

Ganesha Vadhyar shared with us the final days of Mahaswamigal and Kanakabhishekam at Kanchi Mutt.  He remembered the feather like feet of Mahaswamigal when he went to touch His feet after the Kanakabhishekam with Karpoora Aarati.

Ganesha Vadhyar explained about “ The Karunya Moorthy” / “Nadamadum Deivam”/ “Sri Dakshina Murthy” of Kanchi  Mahaperiyava and his experiences with Mahaswamigal in his few hours stay at our residence.

Sri Ganesha Vadhyar resides in Mumbai and is available at the following numbers 022-27665295/ Mobile – 093237378888 / 0969727533

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  1. Swami only knows a father’s anguish

  2. I would like to request Sri Sivaraman to interview Sri Ganesha Vadhyar. Let Sri Periyava bless him in this journey.

  3. These people are real gems…..aneka namaskarams to Ganesh vadyar….

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