Periyava Radio Launch


In continuation with my earlier post about the radio launch, I was planning to do the launch tomorrow (being guruvara Anusham). Given the fact that all our Chennai brothers/sisters are slowly recovering from the flood situation, I would like to delay the launch as our first goal is to ensure that all our Periyava family members are safe. Then comes service launching and celebrations.

Let us all pray Mahaswami to help us with the recovery and give more strength to overcome our losses from this disaster. We will also pray Him and Varuna bagawan to be kind to us as we do not have any more strength to take rains.

Please stay tuned for updates on the radio launch!

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!



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  1. namaskaram already after seeing your page we visited tiruvannamalai adishtanan but they are telling that it is not acharyas brindavanam some other pandits samadhi kanchi mutt also accepted this . any how we went there are get blessing we visited vadavambalam also next we are planning to go to kezhambi that u for ur updates and great effort

  2. 🙏 namaskarams .Sri Mahesh , please go ahead as planned.
    Sri Sri Sri MAHAPERIYAVA Himself has said ,” Except for Ashatbandana noodana Khumbabhishekam and Mangalya dharanam , there is no good time or bad time.
    In fact people who are recovering from this calamity and suffering will benefit greatly by listening to the Arul Vaakku Prvachanam of SriSriSri MAHAPERIYAVA 🌹
    That experience will go a long way in assuaging the painful situation , of all those who are engulfed in it 🙌
    Please go ahead and launch the Auspicious Inauguration as planned earlier on that Sudhinam 🙏

    • Dear Sri.Mahesh,

      Your noble venture will definitely bring success to you and all devotees. Present sufferings of Chennai people will become history soon. As Periva is with you and with your efforts your efforts will be piloted towards divine directions only.. Best of luck.

      Jaya Shankara

      Gayathri Rajagopal

  3. ஸ்ரீ பெரியவா சரணம்

  4. Shri.Mahesh could you please ask Periyavas to suggest specific slokam for this great disaster as Hanuman Chalisa suggested by MAHAPERIYAVA during Pakistan war

  5. Dear Mr. Mahesh : Yes, at this time of distress in Chennai and other places of TN due to flood, good thought to defer the launch to another better auspicious day. Kindly give guidelines to listen to the Holy Maha Periyavaa radio, whether one should log in, etc. Thanks.

  6. If I may suggest Jan 6th 2016 Wednesday would be great day to launch being Anusham and Aradhna as well.

  7. Good decision ,Mahesh . Periyava bless you.

  8. Namaskaram. Periava Charanam!

    Is this Radio streaming, available from USA?

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