Sri Kanchi Madam – Flood Relief Appeal Info.

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara – In response to the recent Chennai Floods post, few devotees asked on contribution details for relief activities. Please find the Sri Madam official Face Book link below for the latest relief activities. We will find quite a lot of relief activities going on silently. Below is the latest message posted an hour ago in Sri Madam FB Page (Dec 09 2015, 8.30 AM IST). The contact numbers are given below. Please contact them to get contribution details. Lokha Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu! Ram Ram

Relief Material to Cuddalore:

A team from Shrimatam-Kanchipuram left for Cuddalore carrying relief material for distribution to the flood-affected people in the district. Various essentials including food material, clothes, sanitation items etc. are being taken for distribution. Relief material is being picked from various points, and with voluntary service from Sankara School, Puducherry, the distribution activity will be performed. Devotees and volunteers from the surrounding areas are already involved and are rendering service in carrying out relief work. Sankara institutions are also offering medical service to the affected.

For further details contact: 09444380697  Primary No,   91 44 2722 2115   Alternate No

Sri Madam Official Facebook Page –


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  1. Very happy and satisfied to hear this. I belong to Cuddalore District. This is the fate of Cuddalore during every north east monsoon onset. But the sad point is Cuddalore has come to the last page since the calamity in Chennai had to be given priority. I am really ashamed to know that some people in Cuddalore district (surrounding villages) are very mean hearted in sticking to caste-ism in this hour of need. They have lost everything but they do not want to lose their caste. In this stage where they should be united in serving the others in need, it is indeed a shameful act that they are inclined to this feeling.

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