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Just getting back from my business trip….Found some time to connect with you all…

The current situation in Chennai due to unprecedented rain is something that had not happened in the past 120+ years. This situation is similar to what New Orleans went through several years back. The entire Chennai is drowned.  It was very sad to see so many people have lost their houses, died, suffering despite their age etc. I saw a news column where a lady is unable to cremate her mother for the past 30+ hours – very sad. A colleague of mine could not travel to Chennai for his father’s by-pass surgery etc. So many discomforts. Unfortunately, this situation has not caught the attention of the8 rest of the nation – at least it seems that way to me – I may be wrong. It all boils down to lack of proper city planning and expansion of infrastructure.

We all pray to Lord Nellaiappar, to save the city of Chennai as He saved the padddy from the rain/flood. We pray the Govardhana Krishnan to protect us from this rain as He did for the people of govardhana giri. We pray Mahaperiyava who is none other than Sarveswaran to bring back the normalcy to the lives of Chennai folks.

Till things are settled, please stay indoor and stay dry.

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

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    • It. is. a. Custom. or. Prevalent. Issues. In. built. of. temples. small. or. big. a. Stala. Viruksha. tree. ,A. Stala. Theresa. Tank. May. Be. Provided. Usually. is. done. all. villages. If. done. In. The. City. over. flooding. might. have. been. reduced. To. certain. extent. Now. if. possible. Govt. bodies. provide. Such. tanks. or. Recharge. wells. In. Vacant. Spaces. InCity. Think. Of. Mylapore. Without. Kaplan. Tank. .

      • In. T.nagar. They. Can. Provide. Small. Tanks. Or. Recharge. big. Wells. In. Panagall. Park. Or. Natesan. Parks. If. possible

      • In. The. Case. Of. Dhanuskodi. Deluge. Periiyava. foresaw. It. &intructed. To. Store. Relief. Materials. Months. Before.pray. To. Periyava. For. Guidance. Help. In. Future. Happennings

  1. Joint prayers….(Kootu prarthanai)…..will never go unanswered……at 8 AM daily….to Lord Krishna…..

  2. In the mean time, let’s all continue to pray that more rains don’t happen in the near future and Chennai and TN comes out of this devastation soon .May Ma Jagadamba shower her grace on us all.
    As usual media is not breathing a word about the rescue efforts by Dharmic orgs [ who dont advertise themselves] and playing up about how much help actors are doing.

    What about Patashalas, pasu matams who are already struggling? What about street dwellers?

  3. jaya jaya shankara hara hara shankara

    let us all pray for all those who are stuck due to the unprecedented rains and the havoc created therein.I totally agree that in the hour of crisis let people put aside their cast and come forward in extending an helping hand to one and all.


  4. Though I feel sorry for the current plight of the society at large, I can only think of what Sivan Sar says in YPM – when the karmic load of the society due papam comitted by the constituents exceed certain levels bhooma devi suffers. Also when governance goes hay wire as is happening now we will be exposed to such disasters ( see para 109 C, 112 B, preface and several other places in YPM). In this matrix even good people (pamararul nalavarkal) will have to suffer.
    We should resolve to reduce our sins as much as possible as even attaining the level of viveki is difficult for us with our current pirsuits.


    • Yes – the so called “good” people us are the mahapapis because we know Dharma and do not follow it in most cases. And we are often afraid to go on streets and voice our opinions. I will be curious to know how many cosy tambrahms are giving accomodation,shelter and food to lower sections of the societies those who lost their houses and almost have to reboot their life. I hope we prioritize rescue over rituals for at least couple of weeks.

      • Everyone I know is helping people around them in their own way and this includes the Tambrams.People can be seen on twitter saying they can accommodate some more people in their homes/have food/clothing that they can donate and this includes Tambrams.

        Rituals as it is ritualistically called/maligned are anushtanas -the bare minimum number of Gayathri ,that many Tambrams SHOULD BE doing at least after this tragedy.

        Let’s not use the term “rituals” in a ritualistic sense. This has been done so many times since independence making our people hate their own roots.We are trying to revive anushtanas now and btw, cosy people definitely aren’t spending time on anushtanas either!


  6. Sure sir .Mahaperiyavaa is the ultimate God to protect chennai now and he will certainly do it for his bhakthas

    Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

  7. I am unable to communicate with my brother and father in Madras. With God’s grace they should be ok. I am also worried about the situation in the rice bowls of TN. It has started raining again. Worried about the farmers and the standing crops. Mahaperiyava alone can save all of us. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara.

  8. I have been praying to Surya Baghawan. He will surely bring His light and sunshine to the city of Chennai. My entire family, brother, his family, my sisters and their families are all caught in this disaster. Occasionally, when the cell tower reception becomes available, I am getting a few line texts. Hope Kanchi Mutt and Periavars are doing okay – as well the staff. Sankara, please show your kindness and compassion.

  9. The condition of Chennai is really pathetic and horrible. Believe me, my family people at Chennai told that they are without power, milk, vegetables for last few days. Only with rise with pickles and ‘Paruppu Podi’ they manage stay alive. I really feel worried of people those who did not get even these. Stories I hear from here and there, are really heart squeezing.

    Only God and HH Maha Periva can save Chennai. Hey Varuna please disperse your clouds over Chennai.

  10. Thank you for joining us in our Prayers. Almighty responded. Rain subsided.People are trying to Return to Normal Life.

  11. Jaya Jaya Sankara, Hara Hara Sankara. Maha Periyavaal will bless Chennai and the people of Chennai for sure. May your prayers come true. Om Namasivaya.

  12. Hara Hara Sankara
    Jaya Jaya Sankara.
    Regarding Chennai floods, please communicate to your friends and relatives in Chennai about the situation in other parts of Chennai. As there are power cuts, they do not know the exact situation. Please give them the emergency contact number.
    My mother is staying alone in chennai, so I told her to keep important documents like mahaperiva photo, passport, pan card, bank cheque book and cash, locker key , phone in a plastic bag and be ready.
    If water level is raising, they can contact emergency number and come out by boat.
    Please ask all of them to chant Aditya Hrudhayam and Subramanya Bhujangam also.
    How is Kancheepuram and our Matam and Both Perivaa.
    Only Mahaperiva has to protect.

  13. Very True Sir…Only the divine power can save Chennai people from this misery. very sad to see the suffering of Chennai city people and my heart goes out to them. As you have rightly observed, we can only pray to Maha Periyava for his blessings & grace to the affected people. Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

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