Next Gen. Sri Periyava Upanyasakar-Kumari Tejaswini

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara – Very happy to share this 30 min. upanyasam of Kumari Tejaswini on Sri Maha Periyava. She must be hardly 8 years old and is studying in Kanchipuram. Words, Slokas flow like ‘Pravaaham’ and one can see how gifted this child is at this very young age. Also, one cannot be more fortunate than do upanyasam on ‘Nadamadum Deivam’ in front of our HH Periyava’s in Sri Madam. As you see, Pudhu Periyava is all smiles, recites along every sloka and Bala Periyava is all ears. The topic is Acharamum (Nithya Karma Anushtanams), Agaara Sudhi (Cleaniness in food), the basic tenets of our Dharma as emphasized by Maha Periyava. Let’s pray and wish Kumari. Tejaswini to do more upanyasams and inspire the next generation kids to follow Periyava upadasems. Ram Ram




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  1. Bravo!! Go Girl!!! you rock!!!!

  2. A blessed kid. May the blessings of Kanchi Acharyas shower on the kid. S. Sivaramakrishnan.

  3. Great clarity and a traditional style. Our traditional activities are rejuvenated by Maha Pariyavaa. Both Pudhu Periyavaa and Baala Periyavaa are present to bless the girl. Jaya jaya Sankara.

  4. May Maha Periyava Bless this gifted child with long life, good health and Vidwath! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  5. I have been a constant visitor to his website for my everyday periyava’s darshan and i get charged myself with the contents. Unfortunately, this one disheartens me as i feel upanysam’s core pillar is bakthi and that should be flown from a elder only. rest all becomes artificial and sometimes disgrace. This may be just a matter of pride for Tejaswani’s parents. nothing much to the kid . Shankara. please direct us towards real bhakthi margam.

    • I am happy to see the upanyasam by Tejaswini in your column. she is my grand daughter.i have uploaded in YOU TUBE.on can subscribe to Viswanathan Ramasubramaniyan at youtube or Ganesan Ksundaram at youtube to see her other upanyasams on kanchi periyava. you can post and.share these videos,so that all devotees can enjoy and bless the child.

    • I’m sorry. I don’t agree with your view that only discourse from elders’ mouth alone will inject bakthi. Bakthi remains incomplete without devaram composed by 12year old Thirugnanasambandar. There can be no discourse on bakthi without a reference to 8 year old prahalada’s bakthi. It is the involvement and rendation that matters.

      • totally agree

      • well. thats exactly my point. are we to really compare with great Thirugnanasambandhar, ramalinga adigal, prahalada . thats a blunder to do. Kids from this generation has to be trained to listen to lot of upanyasams and learn slokhas and epics. Just to mimic on whats taught is not passing on any value to anybody nor the kid learns.

  6. Our next generation should inculcate these noble and holy ideas and happenings to live as advice and happy life

  7. excellent, very talented. it is very hard at this age to remember sequentially and to talk about such great things . really a gifted kid who did without any discomfort that too in front of the present periyaval’s. all mahaperiyaval’s blessings. yes she is a role model for her generation and equal credit goes to her mentor. let mahaperiyava bless her for a bright future .

  8. Such clarity ! Such Divinity ! Tears are rolling down my eyes ! I am so happy that her parents have moulded this young soul so well ! MahaPeriava Anugraham be always with this young child !

  9. A brilliant upanyasam by a blessed child.
    Best wishes to Tejaswini and her mentors.
    Thank you administrators for sharing this video.

  10. Excellent speech @ this age by Tejaswini. Really she is going to be great role model for the next generation. All the Periyavaa’s anugrham will pour on this great young soul.Their parents are greatly gifted. periyavaa chaaranam. jaya jaya sankara hara hara sankara

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