“Siddhamalli Subramania Sastrigal is an Encyclopedia”, said Swamigal!

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Siddhamalli Subramania Sastrigal who later became to be known as Sri Subramania Yatheendraal, was born in April 1868 at Siddhamalli. His father was Sri Kothandarama Iyer, who owned 35 Velis of wet land and dry lands. Their ancestors were brought up from Kerala in 16th Century. Sri Subramania Sastrigal’s Guruparampara is from Sri Abhirama Bhattar. Born in Koundinya Gothram, Sastrigal lost his father at the age of 10 and started his vedic education in sastras etc from Brammasri Mannargudy Raju Sastrigal, the Authority on Vedas, who was also awarded with Mahamahopadya Award by then British Government.

Sri Subramania Sastrigal became the disciple of Kanchi Maha Periyava and was included as teacher to teach Yajur Veda to Sri Kanchi Periyava in the year 1911 at Mahendramangalam. From that day onwards he was closely associated with Kamakoti Mutt and became a Scholar. He was with the Maha Periava for almost a year, spending his money for the development of the Mutt. Mahaswami of Kanchi Mutt deputed Sri Subramania Sastrigal to Benares (Kasi) to attend the Vidwad Sadas organised by the Kasi Maharaja. Sastrigal went to Kasi and partricipated in the Sadas.He was awarded Medals and Shawls and Gold coins by the King of Kasi.A grand reception was accorded on behalf of the Mutt at Madras Central. Sastrigal put all the awards at the Lotus Feet of Mahaperiavaa and got His Blessings.

In the Pujya Sri Mahaswami Divya Charitram in the chapter..”Yatra to Kumbakonam for Mahamagam during the “Navarathri at Tanjore… Peetam established by Sri Adi Sankara was born into this world, it is said in this Charitram that ..

Sri Paramachaariar, accepting the invitatiion of Landlord “KUNNIYUR SAMBASIVA IYER”, His Holiness stayed in Kunniyur for some time. Then he travelled around “Siddhamali”, Alangadu, Pattukottai, Aranthangi and came to Avudayar Koil in July 1922. During this time, Mirasdar (landlord) from Siddhamali — Subramania Sastrigal, stayed with Swamigal and served the mutt.

Such is the fame attached to this beautiful village called “Siddhamalli” and Shri Subramania Sastrigal, on whom this article is written about. His internal life was so intense, holy and great that it is no surprise that Shri Maha Periavaa Paramachariar used to call him as “Library” or “Encyclopedia of Knowledge”.

Again, Sri Subramania Sastrigal’s close association with the Maha Periavaa can be recounted once too oftern. It is said that in one incident in 1929, when Sri Maha Periavaa of Kanchi was camping at Madras, HH used to give Lectures. By his side Subramania Sastrigal (Yatheendraal) was standing. Immediately Periyavaa asked Sastrigal to continue the Upanyasam and went inside for Japas. Subramania Sastrigal then started at length, giving Lectures on behalf of Periavaa!! All the devotees were happy. After 45 minutes, Mahaperiavaa came to the Dais and it was to the surprise of all the people gathered there that His Holiness was also listening to the speech given by Subramania Sastrigal. Then Maha Periyavaa started Upanyasam!

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  1. Dear devotees!
    The 84th Vaarshika Aradana of Siddhamalli Perivaa (HH Sri Subramanya Yatheendral) is going to be celebrated on 9-11-17 at Siddhamalli Village with full religious rites Abhishega Aradana to Samadhi. Brahmin bhojanam etc., All are invited to participate in the festival. There will be a religious discourse Divya charithram of Sri Siddhamalli Periavaa on 8-11-17 evening at the Samadhi mandabam.
    For more details contact cell number 9443309858.

  2. Please make a trip to Siddhamalli Athishtanam Darsan Siddhamalli Periavaa!
    Jyothisharatna Raman Pondy cell 9443309858

  3. Namaskaram….I am living in Kanchipuram….after retired from T.N.govt….and I am 63 now….after reading Mahaperiyava’s mahimai book, I started to plant Vilvam Saplings. temples….so far I have planted nearly 1000 saplings…..from Karur to Nagapattinam….from Kaladi to Kaanchi….(including Mahendra mangalam, eachangudi, villupuram, Irulneeki and Thandalam….with all humility I would like to say….A vilvam tree in Sri Kamakshi Temple, (near Srikaryam office) planted by me….I am nothing…nothing…nothing….Mahaperiyava’s grace is guiding me….I want to plant a Vilvam sapling in this Mahan’s Adhishtanam….if I get permission…..Naan Evalavu periya Bhakyasali….Mahaperiyavalidam Kaingaryam seitha “Aangari Srikandam adhishtanathilum Vilva Kantru nattuvittu avarin Assiriyar Adhishtanathilum Vilvam Vikka….venugpl60@gmail.com===email…..9443486117 is my phone no.
    Thanking you….pl.let me know if anybody available in Sidhamalli , if we go there….after a week?


  4. Pl give your cell number. Give your address. Probably I will go to Siddhamalli during first week of Dec 15. I will let you know my programme.
    Also kindly see my facebook profile “Ramamoorthy Venkatraman” and enter facebook.com
    Which is your living address?
    Jyothisharatna Raman

  5. Namaskaram…..though I knew this periyava website….due to rain etc., today just I came to this site…and came to know about this site….Today is Sashti….My wife went to Kumarakottam this morning….without any preplan I did “Nivedhanam” to Murugan in my house….Thenum , thinai mavum….I took a spoon full of that mixture, placed it near the mouth of Mahaperiyava’s idol ( the Kolu Idol…in blessing poisture) “Periyava Neeyum saapidu…neeyum swamimalai swaminaathan thaane…He accepted it…that is why He showed his
    Aasiriyur….and the detailabout His adhishtanam at Sidhamalli…Once I/we crossed this place, returning from Thirukkalar temple and proceeding to Mannaargudi….after reading the artice in “Sakthi Vikatan–Siththamellam siththamalli”…I want to visit this place….but now my eager doubled…waiting for clear weather. Ellaam Mahaperiyava Karunai.

  6. Very interesting and touching post with a very quick and impressive update from Sri Ramamoorthy.
    Periyavalidam apoorva bhakthi kondirundha asiriyarum, asiriyaridam abhimanam kondirundha Acharyalum…-A rare combinatintion.

    • Thank you for your valued appreciation.
      I am very much proud to be the “pro dowhitran ” of HHSiddhamalli Periavaa in His poorvasrama.
      Sri Yatheendral was very close to Sri Mahaswami in those days and was responsible for bringing out a book called “Jagadguruvin upanyasangal ” released in 1932 by Madras Law Journal published by Sri Balasubramania Iyer. Copies can be had from Kamakoti Mutt.
      I am 1940 born. However, I heard from my maternal grand mother Srimathi Saraswathi of Kozhikuthi village that Mahaswami while camping at Thanjavur West Main Street Sri Ramachandra Iyer house offered Sanyasayoga Anugraha to Sastri at Thanjavur by embracing him i.e.”Alingana Deekshai” !!! and requested Sastri to go to Siddhamalli village to select a suitable date himself for attaining Mahasamadhi!
      If you wish I will conduct “Pravachanam” about HH Yatheendral.

      Now I am in US. On my return to pondicherry by the end of this month I will leave for my village to have Darsan of the Athishtanam.

  7. Siddhamalli Periavaa (Sri Subramanya Sastri) lived as a sage and became one among the Vedic Pandits who taught Vedas to HH Mahaswami in 1911 at Mahendramangalam near Tiruchi.
    Then He was always with Kamakoti Periavaa and accompanied with Periavaa in His Vijaya Yatra.
    Sastri was affectionately called by Periavaa as “Library” (Nadamadum Palkalai Kazhagam)
    He was administering the Mutt with His own financial resources in those days.
    He lived as an ardent Disciple of Periavaa got apasthamba Sanyasayoga Anugraha by Periavaa and attained Siddhi at Siddhamalli village in 1933.
    From that date onwards we used to celebrate Varshika Aradana every year Tamil Ippasi Krishna Shasti offering abishegams chanting Rudrams etc by vedic brahmins brought from Kumbakonam. Poor feeding will also be there. We have collected and established funds as per the anugraha by HH Mahaswami.
    Recently we celebrated 82nd Varshika Aradana at Siddhamalli village.
    We performed abishegams to Sri Varadaraja Perumal Kovil, Sri Abirami Amman Temples Siddhamalli on the first day.
    The next day Guru Pooja with Vedic Pandits chanting of Rudrams etc.,then Brammana Bojanam
    Then poor feeding to all villagers in a grand scale.
    (By V.Ramamoorthy ex Commissioner HRCE Deptt. the great grandson of Sri Subramanya Yatheendral in His Poorvasrama)
    cell: 9443309858.

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