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  1. Thanks for posting this fine video.I have had dharshan of this Adhishtanam quite a few times.It was Maha Periyava who located and gave us this Acharyal’s Brindavanam, housed in serene surroundings amidst fields. We should be grateful to Periyava for the pains taken by Him in spotting theAcharyal’s Siddhi site.

  2. wonderful video.

    Nice thing is the person (Dikshitar) doing pooja does aradhana for Bodhendral at Govindapuram. He does with atmost dedication and performs excellently.

  3. mahesh, the title of the articles should have been “Aaradhana of 58th Peethathipathi” rather than “58th aaradhana”..

  4. Ram..Ram..Thanks for an excellent video album. Few years ago Ethadasa ATHIRUDHRAM and Sahasra chandi homam was performed due to hard work done by Sri JG Murthy and Sri V.Ravi of Srirangam. Reverential tribute of Kanchi mutt can be made by worshipping at adishtanams of all previous Acharyals..It would be better if such aaradhanais are informed to your group. Spl thanks to cuddalore jayaraman.knswamy,BHEL,TIRUCHY

    Date: Wed, 4 Nov 2015 01:38:20 +0000 To: knswamy@live.com

  5. dear mahesh pl.find herewith the video of narayanatheertha puja at adhishtaham , blessings etc https://youtu.be/yyo7pxn8hhA

  6. Deeply blessed by seeing the video.Thanks for the post Sir
    I have been fortunate to visit this adhishtanam many times. For more details of reaching this place please see my blog at this link

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