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Dear Devotees,

It brings me a great pleasure in announcing that today, on an auspicious anusham day that Kanchi Guruparampara Foundation is going to launch Periyava Radio – a 24×7 online radio station. HH Balaperiyava sent His blessings for this on the most auspicious day of Vijayadasami.

Yes, the concept of running a 24×7 Periyava radio has been brewing on my head for quite some time and it took some time to identify and test multiple different service providers to meet our needs. Finally I found a place, did some basic testing and it is getting ready to be launched. Thanks to our asthana iOS developer, Vinoth, who suggested this idea and also gave some pointers related to that.

So, what is this radio and how does it work?

This is an internet-based radio. If you have internet, you can listen to this station 24×7.

How can one listen to this radio?

This radio can be accessed via any browser, mobile phones, tablets etc. A mobile app will be launched for this very soon.

Is it really 24×7?

Yes, unless, I stop it, it will broadcast audios in a non-stop mode.

Can we do live streaming too?

Sure. I intend to do this on certain occasions. For instance, if any of our Periyavas are giving anugraha bashanam or someone is giving a speech on Periyava, we can do a live-streaming (provided there is an internet connection and a computer available at that location).

What is the schedule?

(All timings are based off IST)

This is a tentative schedule…

6 – 7 AM Suprabatham, Swasti Vachanam, karavalmbam, guru stuthis
7 – 8 AM Aditya Hrudhayam & Surya Namaskaram
8 – 9 AM Dheivathin Kural – Voice of Mahaperiyava (loop)
9 – 10 AM Periyavas Anugrahabashanams/speeches/discourses (loop)
10 – noon  Interviews of devotees (depends on content-owner’s approval)
noon – 4.30 Guru bhajans/Krithis/Stuthis (loop)
4.30 – 6 PM- Time for Lord Shiva – Rudram, Chamakam, Shiva Stuthi
6 – 7 PM Dheivathin Kural – Voice of Mahaperiyava (loop)
7 – 8 PM Sahasranamams / Laharis / Thiruppavai / Thiruvempavai /Sivapuranams (loop)
8 – 9 PM Periyavas Anugrahabashanams/speeches/discourses (loop)
9 – 10 PM  Interviews of devotees (depends on content-owner’s approval)
10 – 6 AM Guru bhajans/Krithis/Stuthis (loop)

I am considering upanyasams by authorities like Dr Radhakrishna sastrigal, Brahmasri Mullaivasal ganapadigal, HH Variyar Swamigal etc (as long as there are no copyright issues).

When will this station go live?

Soon…Very soon….. I have to fix few things before it goes live – hopefully will finish this soon….I need more content to fill 24 hours!! Sooner you send me the contents, quicker we can launch and continuously enhance.

Here are the few big help I need from you

  1. In order to make this radio successful, I would like you to send me whatever links you have on Periyava_with_Bala_PeriyavaPeriyava related audio files – kirthis, bhajans, others who talk about Periyava etc. We can include them in our schedule. If you have any recordings of HH Pudhu Periyava and HH Balaperiyava, please send them to me. If you have a good song in a video (youtube etc), it is still fine, please send the link. If you have an audio file, please mail it to me
  2. I also need volunteers who are interested in managing this station along with me…You do not need any great technical expertise to do this…All you need is some creativity of how to keep this station interesting and useful to listeners.

This is our radio – dedicated exclusively for our Periyavas. Feel free to suggest on contents, schedules – what to have etc – I will surely consider/implement them. At the end of the day, this radio should be useful and informative enough for all of us.

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

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  1. Is there any whatsapp group on Maha Periyava. If yes can i have the number to join.

  2. Dear Mahesh sir,

    This is a wonderful initiative. I am happy to help. I have dropped you an email.

  3. Dear Sri Mahesh

    You have PERIVAA blessing to have started this. Every morning and night this radio has been my companion to keep rest of my day healthy and peaceful. I have one request for example today morning Jan 4 2016 at around 6 am i heard of some veda competition which before i could note down and understand the programme was cut and the new event which is recitation of the SHIVA started. I would appreciate for future if there is a way of archiving such important programmes for later listening or downloading for devotees like me, it will be very helpful. I am still curious about what the programme this morning about the competition and who was the person narrating the rules etc. It was something very interesting that i have not heard before. Any info will allow me to GOOGLE and find more. PERIVAA CHARANAM
    -Gangadharan ( (813-481-8035) – Tampa, Florida,USA

  4. Respected sir, i have no words to express my gratitude for enjoying the fruits of this blog.i am interested in volunteering.


  5. Superb initiative Sir. What else we need now! Shree MahaPeriyava’s divine speeches n teaching mus reach every one in d world. Wish u a great success to diz wonderful service n let us seek Shree Kaliyuga deivam, Shree Ranachandramurthy, Shree MahaPeriyava’s blessings to make it happen n let d whole universe get benefited by diz Great n excellent service! Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara! Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Shankara,Kanchi Shankara,Kamakshi Shankara,Kaladi Shankara,Kamakoti Shankara! Feeling immense pleasure n delighted to read d details. Thank u each n everyone who r contributing their best to make this great Project to happen.Shree MahaPeriyava Saranam!

  6. Great idea,,keep it up.

  7. It is great thing since it will give a great fillip to propogating the ideals of our Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham besides sharing with fellow members our experiences and teachings of our revered Paramacharyal

    Although I got on the wrong side of 80, I am still active both by mind and body. If there is anything I can do I will take your command.

    Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa Hara Hara Sankara Siva Siva Sankara

    R Gopalakrishnan

  8. Pranams. Excellent Initiative. immensely Happy. Wishing Great Success!


  10. great news,,,when is the launch
    eagerly waiting to listen to the radio

  11. This spiritual radio is soon going to be broadcasted for all devotees by the Grace of Nahaa Periyavaa. Mahesh service is great and Sri Mahaa Paeiyavaa’s blessings are on him forever. It is a historic moment when the radio will be alive. Great news.

  12. Great! Great! I wonder where you get the energy from? Ofcourse. it is Periava’s energy backing you.. Definitely I will think of some suggestion. How superbly Periava is programming with Maheshji as CPU.!!

  13. Good Initiative. My humble suggestion is that some good Karnatic music can be streamed as fill up in afternoon

  14. Maheshji,I was lucky to be oart of this month’s (nov 13th)anusham celebration in Tirumylai as it was my son’s star birthday too.Felt very blessed and prayed for welfare of everyone .
    I am a IT project manager currently on long leave to take care of my son.
    Pls do let me know whatever technical ,content management related tasks that I could help for this initiative.
    Happy to help.I can be reached at 9840458156

    Chithra Ramachandran

  15. I’m interested in volunteering. Please let me know how do i Volunteer. I live in NC. USA

  16. Awesome – Awaiting it !

  17. Sir ,it is a great news.I would like to volunteer .Please let me know how can i help you. like to volunteer .Please let me know how can i help you.

  18. I am most interested in volunteering towards managing the radio station.Please tell me where you are located.I would like to be an active participant.Am currently residing in Doha, Qatar but if any online assistance can be provided, am ready to pitch in.Do give me an opportunity.Thank you.

  19. Very very happy to read this of mahaperiyava’s radio.

    1. Mahaperiyava always talk about Veda. My suggest is that provide about Veda and classes through radio on daily basis like rudhram, sahasaranamam.

    2. On auspicious days, can provide asthotaram, etc at the good time

  20. Dear Mahesh Sir,

    You have really made my day!! What more can we ask for. What a great initiative!

    Anneka koti namaskarams to our mahaperiyava!!! He is always with us in every moment of our lives.


  21. Dear Mahesh,

    It is a great initiative and a guru seva in a way. Our humble prostration to the walking god. Please do include me as a volunteer – I work in Singapore and will be glad to chip in as required.

    Best wishes for this great venture!


  22. Great work Mr.Mahesh. We are eagerly expecting this mamooth work. Mahaperiyava will guide you in every step.


  24. It’s a great initiative. People who have not heard or got oppurtunity to know about Maha Periyava,this initiative will be a boon for them. As the whole world is in utter turmoil and people are not having peace of mind, this program will serve as
    a great pill at the right time.
    I pray for Maha Periyava’s blessings for the successful launch of this initiative.

  25. Perivaaa saranam.
    Please add my name for volunteer

  26. Superb. Maheshji. You are creating opportunities to serve for the good cause of spreading Maha Periyava / Periyavas’ Anugrahams across the globe. If I will be of any use to this great initiative please let me know. I live in Jubilee Road, West Mambalam. Hari OM. Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara. My email id is

  27. this is great news, very very happy, so exciting. Maha Periyavaa Anugraham to listen whole day about Our MAHA PERIYAVAA ARUL. no words.

  28. very happy
    Pl include a slot on upanishad, geetha, brahmasutra bashyams ( prasthanathrayam)

  29. I love this site.

  30. You can telecast Mr p Swaminathans discourse on Mahaperiyava.

    Rgds…. SVK

  31. Really great. Awaiting for the launch. My wife & myself would like to join as volunteers. We are residing @ Bangalore.Wishing all the best.

  32. Simply superb. No words to express. All of us are blessed. I will also send recorded experiences about Maha periyava for broadcasting. Let our younger generation people get an opportunity to listen to the miracles done by our Maha Periyava and HIS HOLINESS extreme simplicity and humanity.

  33. Sir, I am proud of you and behalf of you for offering maha periyava radio channel

  34. Very good initiative. My wife and I would like to join you as volunteers.

  35. Arumai

  36. Dear Mahesh

    “GURUM PRAKASAETH DHIMAAN”. All the Best. Thanks

  37. Maheshji, i volunteer for any of your services required. I live in delhi. Do include me
    in tasks especially that require text proofing, editing and managing content in general. I am a carnatic music singer alongwith being a law graduate. Thank you.

  38. மிக மகிழ்ந்தேன்.

  39. mahesh
    November 13, 2015 • 4:28 pm
    Konjam bayamaavum irukku that this should sustain…


    Dear Mahesh,

    mahaperiyava idhuvum ondru. aarambikka yojanai koduthavar, ellaraiyum nalvazhi padutha edutha muyarchiyai vittuvida mattar.. give me an opportunity to serve this good venture

  40. with periyavas blessings we are ready to listen about periyava 24 x 7 thru you. I can also volunteer if there is a need.

  41. There is app called TuneIn Radio. It works on both Apple and Android phones. It’s free app. You can add our Periyava radio in that, this app already contain thousands of radios across the world. Once added to this app the users can simply search the radio by name and add it as a favorite and listen.

    “Broadcast your station to TuneIn’s global audience of 50 million monthly active users. Both existing and new fans will be able to listen to your content on their mobile phones & tablets, computers, smart TVs, internet radios and even their cars.”

  42. Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!! Thank you so much Maheshji for coming up with such a wonderful idea. Looking forward. Mahaperiyava thunai.

  43. Mahesh,

    You take very highly involved and difficult work. You have successfully demonstrated that you can deliver such difficult work. This website is the living example.

    You will be very successful, I am sure, in the radio venture. My prayers are always there for the success of the project, as well as your other personal endeavors.


  44. Excellent we will be able hear the voice of prathyaksha gods on an ongoing basis congrdulations for tall the effort

  45. Great Move. No words. Expecting like this . Today it has blossomed. One more mile stone achieved.
    It will make to us keep listening periyavaa voice everyday without fail. May i pleased to be part of the volunteer team of this 24×7 periyavaa radio. As good number of people coming telling their experiences with their permission i will record them and will send across to you. periyava charanam. jaya jaya sankara hara hara sankara

  46. Thank you, Superb and innovative idea. Let us try to enjoy radio broad cast of the Bakthi samrajya and the benovalent blessings of the Sri Kanchi GURUS.. Jaya Jaya Sankara, Hara Hara Sankara

  47. at last cant wait for you to get it going mahesh sir

  48. Dear Mahesh : Excellent. Something unique for all Mahaperiyava devotees. I have heard and read about Mahaperiyavaa camping in Nagapattinam some decades ago when it was time for Adi Puram festival which used to be celebrated in a grand manner in Nagapattinam Ambal Neelayadakshi Temple. But, at the time when Periyavaa was camping, that town was experiencing severe drought condition and the holy tank attached to the temple called “Pundarika Kulam’ went dry and the temple authorities could not launch the usual Theppam. They all prayed Parameshwara Swaroopa Mahaperiyavaa who immediately went to the dried temple tank, prayed and sprinkled water from His Holy Kamandalam and there it was, it rained and rained cooling the entire town, filling all tanks including Pundarika Kulam and the Adi Puram festival was celebrated nicely in the presence of our Mahaan.

    In this context, if it is OK for you, your slot of 7 to 8 pm may be fixed for all devotional songs for which as my contribution, I can send you devotional songs on Ambal Neelayadakshi (lyrics composed by me) and set to music and sung in carnatic ragas by violinist Mullaivasal Sri Chandramouli and his team. These songs are available for listeners in these sites :

    On hearing from you, I shall forward to you the songs in MP3 format as well as lyrics.

    Praying for Maha Periyavaa’s Blessings in this Maha Periyavaa Radio Project.

    V. Ramaswamy

  49. Eagerly awaiting for the Periyava Radio launch.
    Is there any Whatsapp group active to receive Periyava’s message?
    Hara Hara Shankara! Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  50. Wonderful initiative. Lifeline for us newbies and greenies to the wonderful world of Mahaperiva. I am eager to volunteer. Outstanding initiative 🙂


  52. Dear Mahesh,
    I am sure you have created a “clone” of yourself to do your office work. Periyava closely watching & directing your each and every step. Very envious rather proud of you. Keeeeep goiiiiing !!!!!!
    Jaya Jaya Sanakra ! Hara Hara Sanakra!

  53. Great Move. We feel highly excited

  54. Mahaperiava saranam

    Indeed it would be an excellent gift to all our periava devotees.

    However, with regard to contents it would be better to have those stuffs which Mahaperiava would like otherwise to be aired to general public. If so, I don’t know how far broadcasting Rudram and Chamakam fits here. I had read earlier that our Mahaperiava was not in favour of our vedas taking the forms of cds and tapes.

    Anyway, it’s only my view and if you have taken approval on this from present periava already I withdraw my views.

    Maha periava saranam.

    With warm regards,

    S. Balakrishnan

  55. Dear Mr.Mahesh It was a great news about launching a Radio Station exclusively for Periva.  I am interested in volunteering,   warm regardsjayanthisundhar9840299014

  56. jai jai periava potri potri

    we welcome the happiest we are on hearing this announcement

    periava charanam periava charanam

    we pray 24×7 hours of thoughts of shree Mahaswami

    jaya jaya swamin jaya jaya

    thank you all for this efforts and encourgement

    * Hemalatha.*

  57. Wow..wonderful!! No words to express the feelings.

    Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara

  58. Yes. Wonderful. A big treat to all our matam devotees. Sri sathya Sai.Seva orgnstn has been having and also ramanashram is having with direct streaming on important days. Hope and pray that we too elders have the bhagyam to listen sitting at home.
    Jaya jaya sankara
    Hara hara sankara
    May periyava bless you always in everything

  59. Wonderful. You have all blessings of periyava and you are blessed.

  60. Excellent.This 24 hours non stop radio is not simply an initiative but a Periva movement. I wish, the present generation, should know about Periva and divine powers of Periva. I am 62 years old and posting articles in Periva Form narrating my miracle experiences of Periva. I author and post three articles every week under the name of Gayathri Rajagopal.The miracles, which I experience are more than tangible and unbelievable. With Periva blessings, I am privileged to narrate my experience in Periva Radio. .

    Let Periva bless you and your initiative generously. My best wishes to you and your entire team.
    Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

    With divine regards,
    Gayathri Rajagopal

    • Good and blessings of periava be with you. It was originally mettur’s idea that for posterity sake we should keep periava sayings and experiences in writing and now it is gaining momentum. My only appeal and request is that we should try to keep it to actuals and not to make it sensational. There shouldn’t be any politics and we should accept things as they are and never contradict or say something unpalatable. Arrogance is what periyava used to pointout to put down. Shankaraaaa

  61. Another milestone Mahesh Garu. Stay on the phase of spreading Periva’s message! We are with you!

  62. I’m up for volunteering. We can also have a slot to stream VDSPS recordings..

  63. I don’t have a radio. But I have decided to buy one exclusively for Maha Periyava 24 x 7 Radio. Mahaperiyava please be with us always and let us the kindly LIGHT.

    Jaya Jaya Sankara!
    Hara Hara Sankara!!

  64. veda dharma sastra paripala sabha videos- audio contents-. veda parayanams recorded with permission, dhivyanamams at various places etc. all with permission . periyava charanam

  65. Superb initiative Sir…Compliments to you for making us think of Periyava in today’s materialistic world. May I suggest that if with proper permission we can have discourses of Shri. Nochur Venkatraman & Shri. Sundar Kumar & Shri. Velukudi Krishnan every day for 1 hour each, by one of them…

    • We definitely can look into all these options…

      Sent from my iPhone


      • Dear Mr.Mahesh,

        I would like humbly suggest a few points to enhance the wonderful work from your end. We at Shree Vignesh & Co, West Mambalam are the authorised distributors for Brahmsri.Govindapuram Balaji Bhagavathar’s audio and video cd’s. Some of his upanyasams have not come as CD’s… We can try to help you in taking Sri.Balaji Anna’s approval for broadcasting the same.

        Secondly, Periayava had great respect and regard for some of HIS comtemperories like Sheshadri Swamigal, Bhagwan Ramana Maharishi, Bhagwan Yogi Ramsuratkumar, Sringeri Acharya, Poondi Mahaan and the list goes on….. One hour allotment for oher Gnanis will also attract many listeners.Pls do consider the above suggestions….

        We shall definitely work closely to ensure all best possible support from our side.


  66. very glad good venture towards the service of mahaswamigal.knswamy

    Date: Fri, 13 Nov 2015 03:44:14 +0000 To:

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