Sri Pradosha Nayanmar’s 89th Jayanthi Celebration – Oct 26, 2015

Every time we read about Sri Pradosham mama, it brings an unexplainable feeling of how he was able to see Periyava as Arunachalam, Sadhasivam, Maheswarar at all times!  Not a second mama saw Him as a madathipathi or just a sanyasi. Only the punyas from the past several janmas combined made such a devotion to happen. Similarly how fortunate he was to be blessed by Periyava immensely.

I have seen this drawing of Periyava standing in one leg and always used to think that it was the artist’s imagination. Only after reading this incident it is giving goose-bumps to know that Periyava stood like this for 15 minutes just for mama – who will get such a great blessing?!

Mama’s 89th jayanthi is on October 26, 2015 and vedic celebrations are planned. Attached is the invitation. Devotees in and around Chennai are welcome to attend and receive the blessings of mama and Periyava

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!


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  1. English translation

    It was the time period when MahaPeriyava was showering His blessings in the city of Satara. Sri Balachandra Ganapatigal describes an incident that happened during this time; he considers himself fortunate to have witnessed it. During his childhood, he was blessed to be in the close proximity of MahaPeriyava doing Kaingaryam for Him.
    It was Pradosham that day. MahaPeriyava hid the fact that He was Sarveshwaran Himself; He had just completed Siva Pujai around dusk time. Sri Balachandra Ganapatigal had the good fortune to chant the Rudra Thrishathi during the Puja on that day.
    After everything was complete, it was seen that everybody was expecting the arrival of one particular devotee. Everybody knew that this particular devotee always turned up to take Darshan of MahaPeriyava on Pradosham day, no matter where Periyava was camped.
    Suddenly one could hear the cries of ‘AruNachala Shiva, AruNachala Shiva’ and it was evident that the devotee had arrived. Hearing his voice, everybody got the feeling that they were all in the presence of Parameshwaran Himself.
    That devotee came and stood near MahaPeriyava with immense happiness, steadfast belief and rock solid devotion; it was as though he felt he had entered Kailasam and was taking Darshan of Lord Shiva Himself.
    Periyava who was Brahmam incarnate and Who had no preferences of like or dislike, had a soft corner for this particular devotee.

    MahaPeriyava, overflowing with motherly compassion, told Balachandra Ganapatigal, “Ask him what he wants”.
    MahaPeriyava who would gauge and grant what each one of his lakhs of devotees asked of Him even before they voiced it, was here checking explicitly what this devotee wanted !
    Since a Nayanmar overflows with Bhakthi, it does not occcur to him to ask for material benefits.
    So that devotee asked, “Periyava should please give me Darshan as Arunachaleshwara”. This type of an unique request only went to prove that he was a true Nayanmar. That devotee who had thus far only seen MahaPeriyava as essences of Neelakantan, MahaPrabho, Sadashivam, Kailasapati, Pasupathi and Mahadeva was asking Him to give Darshan as Arunachala Shiva.
    Immediately, that Living God placed Rudraksha Maalai on His head, firmly planted His left foot on the ground, placed his right foot above His left knee, held His Dandam in His hands and took posture. HE remained in this posture for not just a few seconds but for a full 15 minutes and sent thrills of bliss through people witnessing the spectacle.
    The Ganapatigal stressed the fact that due to the devout Nayanmar, everybody else who was present there could savour this unique sight.

    As Periyava compassionately said, “Ask him if this is enough”, people who were swimming in oceans of bliss, gently patted their cheeks and chanted, “Arunachalam, Arunachalam”

    It was that devotee’s deep anxiety and prayer that the people of this world should get the same kind of bliss he was experiencing that got transformed into the mega temple for MahaPeriyava at Orikkai and made permanent the devotion towards Periyava.

    For inculcating in us deep attachment towards Periyava, we are obliged to that Nayanmar to celebrate him and his devotion

    Just as much as it is true that MahaPeriyava is Lord Shiva Himself, it is just as much true that this devotee is a Nayanmar. It has been corraborated by Periyava Himself

    Participating in this devotee’s Jayanthi celebrations will cause MahaPeriyava’s compassion and Nayanmar’s good wishes to shower down upon us. This is true as well

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