Vedaranyam – Kshetram for Vedam – Kumbabishekam invitation – Oct 26th


On behalf of Mahalakshmi Charitable Trust, I have a great pleasure in sharing the kshetra mahatmiyam of Vedaranyam and the invitation of kumbabishekam.

Until I talked to mami, I did not know the kshetra mahatmiyam of Vedaranyam – only shows my ignorance. I was amazed to see how great this place is. Mami, as usual, has been working very closely with Sri Matam with HH Balaperiyava for guidance. We should thank the TN Govt in taking the lead in completing the kumbabishekam for this kshetram along with few other important kshetrams. On my personal request, mami has put together the list of all important points related to kshetra mahatmiyam. Sincere to mami for this…Almost all these information is new to me..

All devotees should take advantage of participating in this event.

Om Nama Sivaya!

 Sri Veenaavaadha Vidhushini Ambal Samedha Sri  Vedhaaranyeswarar Thirukovil, Vedharanyam, Nagapattinam District

Kshethra Mahathmiyam

  1. Vedaaranyam is also known as Thirumarai Kaadu Kshethram. This kshethram is worshipped by Vedhams and Vedhas residing in this Kshethram.
  1. Vedas stayed here in this Kshethram worshipping the Lord, and prayed to the Lord that they are not visible to naked eyes; so with the blessings of the Lord even today the Vedas are residing in this temple in the form of Plants, Trees, Grass, Insects, Birds, Animals, Humans etc.  Every creature in this sthalam has a connection to the Vedas.
  1. Once a rat’s tail, without its knowledge, inadvertently pulled the moolasthana deepam’s thiri (wick) resulting in a bright flicker of  the deepam for a moment, which  the Great Lord Sri Thirumarikaadar deemed as the rat’s Shivakaingaryam. The blessed rat was born as Mahabali Chakravarthy in its next birth, who as we all know still rule the Paatala Lokam after Blessed by Lord Narayana, and whose territories are still protected by Lord Narayana.
  1. Sri Thirungana Sambandar Swamigal sang the famous Kolaru Padhikkam in this temple to help devotees get rid of their problems posed by the Navagrahas.
  1. This Kshemtram is also known as Bhuvani Vidangar Kshethram in Saptha Vidanga Kshethrams.
  2. Lord Sri Veenaavaadha Vidhushini Samedha Sri Vedaaranyeshwarar is a very powerful Ambal, sung by great saints like Sri Appar, Sri Thiru Gnana Sambandhar, and Sri Sundarar. Sri Thirunavukkarasar (Appar) sang Padhigam to open this temple door, while Sri Thiru Gnanasambandhar sang a Padhigam to close the door.  Many such miracles happened in this temple. This kshethram gives Gnana to devotees and opens their mind.
  1. This Kshetram is famous for Moorthi, Sthalam, and Theertham. Several great Mahaans including Paranjothi Munivar who created Thiruvilayadal Puraanam, Thaayumaanavar who has sung over one lakh songs, Thiruvaadudurai Namashivaya Murthigal, etc.,  were born in this Punniya Sthalam.
  1. Sage Vedha Vyaasar attained Jeeva Samadhi in this sthalam, great saints like Nasikedhu, Dhoomakedhu, Vishwamithrar did penance in this sthalam.
  1. Sundhari Peedam, which is one of the 64 Sakthi Peedams, is situated here. Sri Veenaavaadha Vidhushini Ambal,  here is residing as Sundari Ambigai, helps clean our minds and makes it beautiful.
  1. Saraswathi Devi is without Veena in this temple which is a very rare sight. The story is, Ambal residing in this temple felt very happy in hearing Sarawathi Devi’s veena recital. The Ambal’s voice was so sweet that it comprehensively sounded way better that the Yaazh Isai, hence was called ‘Veenaavaadha Vidhushini’. Having heard Ambikai’s voice, Saraswathi Devi took an oath that she will not play Veena and did penance, hence you see Saraswathi Devi without Veena in this Temple. Sri Sundarar sang about this incident in his Thirumurai (No. 7) as well.
  1. Lord Durgai, facing south (in contrast to usually-north-facing in most other temples), has a separate sannidhi and appears as a big deity. The Durgai in this temple appears very calm, blesses the devotees, and grants their wishes.
  1. Moolasthana Vigragams of 63 Naayanmaargal along with 10 Thogai Adiyars are in this temple. Bay of Bengal is located in the east and Navakodi Sidhargal resided in Kodiyakarai which is located in the south of this temple.
  1. The Lord appeared in front of Agasthiya Munivar in Thirumana Kolam in this place, which Kolam can be seen even today inside the Garba Graham behind the Shiva Lingam.
  1. The Lord here was instrumental in showing Veedhi Vidangar to Musukundha Chakravarthy and Pradhishta in Thiruvaarur. The Lord was also the reason for Pradhista of Bhuvani Vidangar, one of the Saptha Vidas in this Kshethram (the others residing in Thiruvaaror, Thirunaagai, Thirukaaravaasal, Thiruvaaimoor, Thirunallaaru, Thirukuvalai). The praised Lord Sri Veenaavaadha Vidhushini Samedha Sri Vedaaranyeshwarar resides in this ‘Saptha Vidanga Kshethram’.
  1. Lord Rama, after killing Ravanan came to this temple and  prayed to Lord Vedharanyeshwarar to get rid of His sin. Also, the residing Vinayagar, kicked his leg to get rid of his Haththi Dhosham, is called Veerahathi Vinayagar. To prove this, one can see the Ramar Paadhuga in this sthalam.
  1. The three classes of bodies of water here are called Vedaamrudha Theertham (River), Vedha Nadhi (Ocean), and  Vedatheertham (Manikarnikai). History says that as per Puranas, Ganga Matha  herself comes here daily to get rid of her Paavams (sins), take a dip in the Vedhatheertha Kulam (pond) in this temple. This is depicted by the fact the sand in the temple pond sport  a different colour from the rest. Puranas also say that the four Vedas took a  dip in this holy water during the month of Margazhi and attained Moksham.
  1. Like Kaasi, Gaya, and Rameswaram, this Sthalam is a praised Parikaara Sthalam for Pithru Dhoshams and is on par with them. Those who are unable to do the last rites and other pithru related rituals (Thithi, Devasam, Tharpanam) of their ancestors should come here during Aadi Ammavasai, Thai Ammavasai, and Maalaya Paksham to do the rituals to their ancestors which will acts as a very good Parigaaram (atonement) and remedy.
  1. ‘Mahodhaya Punniya Kalam’ is on 25th Thai Amavasya, Manmadha Varusham (Feb. 8, 2016).
    Such times come very rarely and the last one came around 144 years. The same year, i.e., Manmadha Varudam, February 22nd, 2016, Mahamaham in Kumbakonam which comes once in every 12 years in Masi Month, Maga Nakshathram, also will take place. Since this two Maha Punniya periods come one after the other, this Mahodhaya Punniya Kaalam is extremely auspicious, sacred, and very rare to get. Since these two rare and very auspicious happenings are coming in a very short span of time, one after the other, we should take a dip in the holy water here during this period and do Thithi, Tharpanam, and Dhanam which will give crores and crores of benefit than done normally, as per our Puranas. Doing Snanams (head bath) in ‘Vedhanadhi’ also called as ‘Sannidhi Kadal’, the theertham inside the temple called as ‘Manikarnikai Theertham’, ‘Rudrakodi Kadal Theertham’ located in the south bottom of the temple, and ‘Aadthi Sethu Kadal Theertham’ are considered very very auspicious. We should take a dip in the holy water here during this period and do Thithi, Tharpanam, and Dhanam which will give crores and crores of benefit than done normally, as per our Puranas.
  1. Sri Kanchi Maha Periyava and Sri Kanchi Periyavaas have elaborated at great length about the greatness of this Kshetram and its inextricable connection with the greatness of Vedas.
Highlights on Vedaranyam Kumbabishekam events:
  1. Uthamapksha kumbabishekam – 110 kundam’s, 150 Sivacharya’s and 8 Kalam – first kalam starts on 22nd Oct. evening.
  2. Mutiple Venna concert since Kolar pathigam (Veyiru Tholi Pankan) is sung by Sambanthar in this temple for Ambal Veena Vadha Vibhushini.
  3. Vedaparayanam with 100 Veda Pandits on all 8 Kalams
  4. Pravachanam by Sri Acharya Nochiyur Venkatraman on Vedaranya Sthala Mahatmiyam on 24th evening.
  5. Pravachanam by Vajpayee Sundarama Deeskhidar on Mahodaya Pnyakalam on 25th evening
  6. Since Vedavyasar attained Jeeva Samadhi here, Vedavyasar photo is taken in the procession lead by Sri Chandarmouli Shivaarpanam trust on 24thevening with 100 Veda Pandits.
  7. Visesha sandhi by all Sivacharya’s on all 8 kalams and big procession on 24th evening covering all 4 veedhi’s with – 
  1. 25 sets of Nadaswaram and Thavil
  2. 125 Sivacharya’s
  3. 40 Othuvar’s
  4. 100 veda Pandits
  5. Chendamelam
  6. Sivaganagal Vadyam
  7. Elephants, Horses and Rishabam etc.
    8.  Sarpa pooja with two original Sarpam
    9. Cultural and Musical program’s every day evening from 22nd to 25th October
   10. Swamy oorvalam covering all 4 veedhi’s on 26th Night.

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  1. Good. In tamil, there is aproverb relating, vedaranyam vilakazhagu. From sea, you can see Shiva lingam when the lights are burning. The lamps are lit, in the arch and along.

  2. Though I have visited twice, certain details I did not know. Wonderful information. Thanks a lot.

  3. A big thank you!

  4. You can read about my visit to the temple at this link.A truly inspiring place and thanks to mahesh for giving us the importance of this place

  5. Om Nama Shivaaya! Very nice to hear about the Kumbabishegam at Sri VedaaraNyeeswarar Temple and read about the Kshethra Mahaathmiyam! Thank you! In this Kshethra, Swami Thirugnaana Sambhandar sang the hymn KoolaRu Thiruppathigam, starting as “Veeyuru ThooLi Pangan” to ward off difficulties of Navagraha and other time related Doshaas . Maha Periyava instructed all Devotees to chant this hymn daily, at the time of Ashta Graha Seerkkai in 1962 and True to His Words, “Eight or 8000 Graha Seerkkai will not cause any harm!” nothing untoward happened! So much is the Shakthi of Maha Periyava and the Power of Group Chanting by Devotees of this great hymn. Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  6. VEDARANYAM My parents had no son , since their marriage for a long period of time. Only a daughter.. Earlier to her and upto 12 years after her birth. the children born did not survive. Some said Pitru dosham….Some NaVagraha dosham…On the adivce of some knowledgeable elders, they visited Vedaranyam, stayed for few days…and performed rItuals and as a result they were blessed.
    I was born in 1933. I was named VEDA NARAYANAN.. VEDA for VEDARANY7AM and Narayanan, my Grand father’s name. You can imagin the difference in age between my elder sister (Ponnama) and me….I married her daughter.KAMALA. Despite our good interntions , our long desire to visit this place is not fulfilled..
    Let Me see, whEther we could visit on Thai Amavasya in Feb 2016..Mahodaya puNya kalam, with the help of our children.. or will depute some one..
    My mother’s name is incidentally SARASWATHI. Because of this only, I think all her grand children and great grand children are shining in Kala and Vidya….at very high levels.. Grace of Arul migu.Sri Veena Vaadha Vidhooshini and Vedaranyeshwar.
    Kamala & Vedanarayanan.

  7. Mahesh,

    Please do me a favour. Can u furnish the contact numbers of Mami.

    Thanks n Regards.

    V.V.Ganesan. 9843099389.

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