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Dear readers,

Caution – Long mail!

Long time readers in this forum would know this well. There are several times we went through a cycle of “comment moderation” pattern due to uncontrollable comments in the forum. This was done earlier to maintain the sanctity of this place. for a long time, I let all comments pass through. However, I am forced to withhold / monitor / moderate the comments again due to recent issue on two posts “Ganesh” and “Theetu”. One of the problems I had was not monitoring these comments regularly due to my work schedule etc. I got to know only bit later when too many things were said already.

One of our readers found the post unacceptable as “observing theetu” is not possible in today’s world etc. However, he/she pointed out one mistake that this blog did  – it should not have been titled as “Please observe theetu”. It should have been given the original title from Dheivathin Kural – I fixed that. I have removed ALL comments from that post. I have no plans to bring them back. Sorry!

If you are reaching out to HH Pudhu Periyava or HH Bala Periyava or for that matter Sringeri Periyava or any other Periyava to see if they are going to be flexible on acharam and anushtanam, my piece of advice to you – “Don’t waste your time” – No acharyas in the world will tell you that you don’t have to follow acharam.

Here is an important message to all the readers – this blog is about spreading Mahaperiyava’s message – AS-IS. Mahaperiyava’s message is like supreme court justice – ultimate authority on every possible topics one could think of. If you do not like His messages, this is not the blog for you. If you read them and if you think that these messages are not applicable in today’s world, that is your choice – I am fine with that. Neither I nor anyone could force anyone to follow anything…I am nobody to do it – I have no qualification to do so. Please do not call that Periyava’s messages absurd. If you are one of those people, please leave this blog. This is no place to comment about any Periyava. Old-timers here know that I used to crack whips on people who come and do trash-talking about our Periyavas. I don’t have to prove my bakthi towards all three Periyavas to anyone. I know and they know – that’s all matters.

Lastly, someone questioned about if this blog has anugraham of Periyavas. Yes – poorna anugraham. Please read these below.

HH Pudhu Periyva knows about this blog and He had blessed this and my foundation too.

I have spent lot of time with HH Balaperiyava during my trips to India. In April, I spent enough time – He knows what our blog does – he knows gho rakshanam we did – He was very appreciative of what we are doing etc. He knows about my foundation also. The exact word He said before I got “utharavu” from Him last time – “Continue what you are doing”.

Here is the anugraham from Mahaperiyava through my dreams:

“Apr 11, 2013

Periyava is camping somewhere – dont know the name….I also live in the same place….Someone is running towards me and telling  “Periyava is waiting for you…Come soon…”. I am washing my feet, hands etc and running with the same person to wherever He is staying….Periyava is sitting there alone – do not see many people around…..I go there and Periyava is giving an action as if He wants to hug me. I do a namaskaram – He blesses me….He also asks something …could not remember…..


Last night was guruvaram + Pradosham. For the past 1 week, I am spending lot of time in publishing eBook of Deivathin Kural Volume 1, sitting late nights etc. In last night /early morning dream, Periyava is sitting and someone is introducing me to Him, “he is doing all these work on deivathin kural on computer etc”. Periyava asks me to do namaskaram. When I do sashtanga namaskaram, He touches my head with both His hands and blesses me. I stood up with tears in my eyes.

I need no other blessing than this.

To repeat, comments will be moderated for some more time. While I & Sai will be very cautious with our posting, I request all your readers’ cooperation to be sensitive to the comments you write. This blog space is not to prove who is right or wrong – it is only to learn from others. More importantly this is NOT a place to question our acharya’s messages. Period.

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

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  1. Absolutely correct on the position taken by you. I fully endorse my position on this.

  2. Your position on the subject is, unequivocally, endorsed. This forum is for propagating Sri Mahaperiyava’s words and actions, not for eliciting readers’ views on what are feasible or practicable in today’s lifestyle. Mahesh, I am with you 100%.

  3. after going through this blog only, i have adopted HH Periyava as my GURU and i feel HE blesses me daily whenever and wherever i do prayer. I am donating regularly to GHO SALAS and other homes who obtained HIS blessings. HARA HARA SANKARA, JAYA JAYA SANKARA.

  4. Magesh Sir,

    Only because of your blog we keep getting updates , photos , experience of Periyava…. Thanks a lot!!! We are thankful for all your time you spend on this… Periyava knows everything… Thanks once again !!!

  5. Probably we need some control in our words and deeds as we are still not out of the Western influence who ruled us for centuries.

  6. Mahesh
    I am overwhelmed by the response of your well wishers for this topic.
    But the funny part is that every one whose response is published here, seem to praise you sky-high for your services.
    I am happy that No one seem to dissent or even voice an alternate opinion for the points raised by you.

    When you mentioned that you will be moderating the responses, I thought you will removing the objectionable part, which could hurt others, but not delete the message all together.
    But I am dumbfounded by your response where you decided to blank-out such responses just because they do not agree with your view points on many matters.
    They may differ with your way of interpretation but they did not deviate from Sruthi.

    I know for certain (from my monthly visits to HIM since 1985) that HE allowed alternate opinions to exist and on many occasions HE allowed even rank-atheists to put their view point.
    HE did not snub anyone in the name of ‘Moderating’, but explained the simple truths in HIS own way.
    That’s why many worship HIM as GOD.

    I have been interacting on this portal simply because you called it as ‘World’s Largest Maha Periavaaa Temple’ and I presumed that it would open to all,
    I am disappointed in this regard.

    Again, I don’t expect you to publish this response and it will meet the same fate as my earlier one.
    Anyhow thank you for all that you have been doing.

    • I did not publish your previous comment as I have to respond to that. If I have to respond to that, I have to quote other comments that came earlier from another reader (not any negative statement), which will open up the same can of worms, which I don’t intend to do. Hence I did not publish your response. Hope this helps. Before you make such statements in haste, please go through comments from the past and you will notice that I have published almost ALL comments that have strongly criticized me. I have no problem in accepting those criticisms. I am not perfect – I will never be perfect.

      Hope this helps.

      • Mahesh
        Thanks for your response.
        I know many readers will be wondering at your reply to my comment, as they could not view my earlier comment.

        In my three years of association with your blog I have not seen anyone criticize you.
        There have been different opinions, on several matters though, but all of them from ardent devotees of Maha Periyavaa only.
        Probably some did not agree with your view point, and they are right in their own way.
        So I don’t understand what you mean by ‘can of worms’.
        Nothing has been written or said in haste, as I am sufficiently aged now.

        Anyhow let us close this topic as I don’t think it will help anyone further.
        Good Bye.

      • Dear Sridhar –

        I repeat – there have been lots of criticisms about me, I have apologized multiple times in the forum for the mistakes in posting etc. That is why I said do not write in a rush that everyone praises me. It simply tells me that you have not seen those moments.

  7. Dear shri Mahesh,
    Best wishes.Your services in spreading the message of ShriMahaPeriyava and serving the cause of SanathanaDharma are beyond measures.but for your ,efforts,thousands of people like me would never have known that ShriMahaPeriya was and is a “Nadamadum Deivyam”.

    We can not,and should not, follow the Teachings of ShriMahaPeriyava selectively and according to our convenience.If we are not able to practise what,all, he has said ,we should be humble and seek His Forgiveness instead of hiding our limitations and taking refuge, under the garb of Modernism and busy life etc etc.You have explained this point blank and many thanks to you for the same.

    Please continue the tremendous good works that you are doing without bothering about occasional pinpricks.We are all indebted to you for your yeomen services .

  8. Jaya Jaya Sankara, Hara Hara Sankara. Maha Periyavaa’s blessings be with you and your all the times. Please continue to do whatever you are doing so far. It is a great thing you are doing for the world of Maha Periyava’s devotees. Will pray to Maha Periyava for you and your blessed family. Jaya Jaya Sankara, Hara Hara Sankara.

  9. “பழைய ஆசாரம் வேணுமா, சீர்திருத்தம் வேணுமா என்பதற்கு ஒரு ‘டெஸ்ட்’ போதும். ஒழுங்கீனம், லஞ்சம், திருட்டுப்புரட்டு, மோசடி, கொலை, வியபசாரம் இத்யாதிகள் நாம் ‘ஸுபர்ஸ்டீஷிய’ஸாக இருந்தபோது ஜாஸ்தியிருந்ததா, இப்போது ‘என்லைடன்’ ஆகிவிட்ட பிறகு [‘அறிவுப் பிரகாசம்’ அடைந்த பிறகு] ஜாஸ்தியாகியிருக்கிறதா என்று பார்த்து விட்டால் போதும்!இத்தனை அனர்த்த பரம்பரையோடுதான் நாம் ‘சீர்திருந்தி’யிருக்க முடியுமென்றால், இதைவிட மூட நம்பிக்கைகளைக் கட்டிக்கொண்டு அழுவதேமேல் என்றுதான் தோன்றுகிறது.”
    – Devathin Kural – Volume 3- ஆசார விஷயங்கள் – ஒரு பரீக்ஷை போதும் !

  10. A nice reminder.
    May be done once in say 3 months to keep this blog’s readers in check.
    Periyava has said so much in Deivaththin kural.
    If people read these books, may be they will not make ill-informed comments & remarks.
    But it takes months to read them.

    thamizh chelvan

  11. Mahesh- When you have 100 % blessings from our Mahaperiyava why do you worry..U need not have to answer such type of silly questions..Just ignore.. U r doing a great job.. Keep it up.

  12. Dear Sri.Mahesh, I also fully endorse all the positive expressions of appreciation of your efforts.

  13. Maha Periyava Devotees finds the approach of the blog sensible and to be carried out. Sri Ravi’s comments are very correct:
    “We should try to follow the teachings Mahaperiyava as much as possible. I agree to follow exactly what He said is very difficult on many occasions. Just because we are skipping something for convenience sake does not make things right. Every action of everyone has consequences. That is what we need to know.

    Please continue the good work and spread the message of Maha Periyava to whomsoever It is bound to reach and benefit. Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  14. It is like a nail on the head. Wonderful and sincere explanations, though not required, to those who do not understand. May Maha Periyavaa forgive and bless them for they know not what they speaketh. On the contrary, you have provided a platform for every Maha Periyavaa devotee to know devotees’ experinces and to make known their experiences with Maha Periyavaa and His Teachings for which one and all should be indebted. Thank you very much and please go ahead with all the noble activities that you are blessed to carry out by Maha Periyavaa.

  15. Dear Mahesh, This is my first comment in this blog though I have been a very very regular (I stress the very because I visit this blog atleast 3 times a day) visitor to this site. Your post actually ‘forced’ me to comment just because for a very simple fact that you/your site ‘educated’ me so many things about Periyavaa and his teachings. Only thru’ this blog I came to know about Sivan Sar, Mettur Swamigal, Ankkarai Periyavaa, etc.

    IMHO, you dont have to explain your stand to anyone. As you have rightly mentioned, this site has abundant of blessings from Periyava himself. Our prayers to Periyava is to provide you enough time and strength to continue his noble deed.

    Namah Parvathi Pathaye, Hara Hara Maha deva.

    Love, Sai

  16. I would like to add. Periyava had always said what is said in vedas and sastras and followed it 100%. If we do not understand what is said in its true spirit and sense, it is our limitation and there is no need to pass any remark on what Periyava had said. It is our fortunate blessing that atleast we have documented what Periyava said in Deivathin Kural and let us not deviate an inch even from what is said by HIM. He is our prathyaksha deivam and let us not allow unnecessary remarks on HIm. Who are we to question HIM, the ultimate.

  17. Sri.Mahesh majority visitors to this blog may not require your clarifications. But the few who needed would have got the message.
    Your work is a ‘Punya Karya’ by itself and all ‘shreyas’ will come to you.

  18. I like it

  19. I totally agree with your comments. My family too direct interaction and blessings. My father had immense faith in Him. It is worthless to waste our energy and time on these people. We better stay with our faith. We move with like minded people. We appreciate your efforts in maintaining this blog. The experience , ours as well others, give immense pleasure and satisfaction. Long live the blog.

  20. HI Mahesh,
    You have the support of Mahaeriyava followers and above all Mahaperiyava himself (As you have explained). This is one wonderful site which has guided me personally on Sat Karyam many times. Go Samrakshanam is on such example. Periyava had chosen this forum / Blog to re construct the Agasteeswarar Temple in Orikkai, Kanchipuram.

    By Devine intervention many more Sat Karyams are still destined to happen and Periyava is using you as an instrument to further his thoughts/ action.
    Please do not get distracted by people with malicious intensions. Only trees that fruit get’s hit, it shows you are growing stronger.

    Best Wishes

    Prabhu Mahalingam

  21. Sridharan/NIT Calicut

    Whatever Maha Periyava has said are Veda Vakku.

    This blog is doing a great service in this digital era for those who did not get an opportunity to directly acquaint with the Kanchi Periyavals.

    From the narrations given, it is evident that this service has Maha Periyava’s blessings.

    Pl. continue.

    Hara Hara Sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara!

  22. Mahesh Sir,
    But for this blog, I would have never known about Our Maha Periyava’s Mahimaigal. I thank you for ever for doing this great service. I had no bhagyam to have a Darshan of Him when He was alive. You are a very blessed person to see Him in your dream. Maha Periyava never appeared in my dream (Perhaps I do not deserve this bhagyam). I request you to pray for me to Him to appear in my dream. I am fasting on ekadasi days after reading your article, “ekadasi fasting”. Before reading this article I never observed fasting on any ekadasi days.
    It is sad that you have to waste your precious time in responding to some trash written by people who are out there to criticise the excellent work you are doing. May HH Mahaperiyavaa and the other Periyavas shower you, your family and all the people who contribute articles to this blog, with their choicest blessings.

  23. Mahesh ji,

    Right said. Acharams are not for one’s whims and fancies. This whip cracking is itself a long pending one. No one can question your authority. I am one among the thousands who are benefited daily…. Yes MahaPeriyavaa Smaranai. Continue you good service. MahaPeriyavaa is always with you.

    MahaPeriyavaa Saranam…..
    Pudu Periyava Saranam….
    Bala Periyava Saranam….

  24. you are maintaining the sanctity of this place. thank you, this is periyava message

  25. 100% YOU ARE CORRECT you are blessed by all periyava ,your service is guided by mahaperiyava . you are giving periva prasadam and we are lucky to receive daily.thank you sir.

  26. pl stand on it. The messages are only for those who does not question his / her guru irrespective of how we are placed to persue / practice it. pray for periyavas’ grace for consistancy.
    new member forever.

  27. Absolutely right. Carry on your service Periava is there to bless your sincere work

  28. Mahesh,

    I do not think you have to explain yourself about what you are doing. What you are doing is great and has helped a lot of people to be in satsangh 24 hours of a day, whenever we wanted through the electronic media.

    My view on this is very simple. We should try to follow the teachings Mahaperiyava as much as possible. I agree to follow exactly what He said is very difficult on many occasions. Just because we are skipping something for convenience sake does not make things right. Every action of everyone has consequences. That is what we need to know.


    ।। तस्मै श्री गुरवे नम: ।।


  29. Hi Mahesh, It is so sad that it has come to this!! You are doing a fabulous job and as a die hard reader of this blog I know what a fantastic job you are doing.

    And, it is again so sad that the topic of “Theetu” is evoking so much of contention in the garb of “progressive modernity”. Again, for someone who considers Periyava’s words as authority, all such posture of “progressiveness” is what is most regressive.

    Periyava’s blessings are there for you – and for all of us.

    Periyava Karunai.

  30. Dear Mahesh
    Fully endorse your stance Mahaperiyava is Supreme Court final in His observations I am thrilled to see His Aagnai in your dream
    Jaya Jaya Sankara

  31. you have correctly expressed your thoughts. Well done
    D C Subramanian

  32. Excellent work that you are doing. I am sure those who have seen the videos and read the various incidents in our Periyava’s life appreciate your work.
    For me our Maha Periyava is an awe inspiring example of human potential.
    Jai Guru

  33. What mahaperiyava said is not His own words but theetu is said in Vedas to observe the nights. It also says the sun one incurred for not observing. Whatever said by bhaghavadpada Sankara and the subsequent acharyas is from sruti, the Vedas and smriti which is made by rishis based on Vedas and their divine vision. Nothing is spoken of uttered by them which is not in Vedas.
    If one can’t follow or observe something due to ones own limitations ( which is ones own mental block or night enough courage to forsake other things for the sake of staying a goal even if it amounts to physical suffering or strain) doesn’t mean you can flex sastras. It’s like saying every one is corrupt so I have also to be corrupt.
    Mahesh is doing commendable job in taking mahaperiyava and His teachings to the next gen. Irrespective of certificate from anyone.

  34. Rightly said. This blog has very much paripoorna anugraham of HH Mahaperiyava. This blog has brought all periyava devotees across the world under one umprella. Everyone who has seen the video or article have enjoyed and even tried to change their way of life. Let us kindly keep the spirit and enjoy. Jaya jaya sankara hara hara sankara

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