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  1. Chi Umesh Your drawings really take us to the World of Maha Periyava and Sivan Sir May God bless you.

  2. Pranams Umesh …your sketches and paintings are divinity personified

  3. swami sivan sir come alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what expressive eyes

  4. The painting has brought Sivan Sar back alive amongst us!

  5. Sivan sir thiruvadigale saranam

  6. Maha Periva Charanam…I have no words……Umesh, Periva bless you with good health and do many more such Kaingaryam in this Jenma…VAZTHA VARTHAI ILLAI.

  7. Amazing Shri Umesh! Ram Ram

  8. WOW

  9. Great painting, Umesh. Incredible expression in His eyes. You are indeed blessed to reproduce Thatroopama so many masterpieces.

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