Spiritual and Scientific/Daily Benefits of Gho Matha


Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara,

Please see the below tables for the immense benefits Gho Matha provides us both spiritually as well as in our daily lives. Most of the points here has been taken from Deivathin Kural. Spread this using the social media links in the bottom of the post to as many possible to create awareness and how much we owe to Gho Matha. Let us also indulge in Gho Matha Seva as much as we can. Ram Ram.





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  1. Can someone clear my doubt? When a human dies, the body is burnt entirely. Do we then have the right to take the skin/ liver of the cow although she dies naturally and then burn/ bury(?) the remaining part of hers? Same with musk, deer skin, tiger skin, etc.. I understand that there is a use with these products for puja, etc. (unlike the human body!) Nevertheless, is it right to do such a thing?

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