Anbe Arule – Part 3 – English Translation by Sri BN Mama


Thanks to BN Mama for sending the 3rd chapter of this great book translated…

Until I read the “Translator’s note”, I was not aware that Sri Ra Ganapathy has blessed mama with a divine sankalpam of 108 drawings of Periyava. On behalf of the blog, we all wish you good luck in successfully completing 108 drawings of Periyava – I am sure with His help you will do it and delight us all with those drawings/paintings…

I laughed out loud when I read that Periyava actually sent someone to check if Sri Bharaneedharan mama was actually writing or not!!!!


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  1. Narayan Mama is doing great service to this divine site. He is determined to draw 108 portraits of Sri Mahaa Periyavaa. He has translated in English many works of Ra. Ganapathy so that indians who are devotees of Sri Mahaa Periyavaa will study them. He is also releasing every Anusham star (birth star fo Sri maha Periyavaa) the life history of Sri Adi Sankara. Narayan has completely surrendered to Sri Mahaa Periyavaa and breathes his naamaa ever. God bless Sri Narayan Balasubramainan.

  2. Mahesh,

    It was Sri Baraneedharan who blessed me that I would do 108 drawings/paintings of Periava. The “he” in the note refers to him. I had not met Sri Ra.Ganapathy (anna) until then, though I tried through many friends. But finally, MahaPeriava only gave me that opportunity of meeting Sri Ra/Gananapathy anna, just two months before THAT Mahasivarathri evening ! I had shared that amazing incident with you all quite some time back. Of course, Sri Ganapathy anna also saw my drawings in spite of his ill health and expressed his appreciation and blessings. If I am trying to trek that holy path shown by Periava and continue with my Sankalpa, it is mainly due to those two great souls, Sri Ganapathy anna and Baraneedharan mama.


  3. Shannkaraaaaaaaaaaa

  4. Thank you Nana Nana

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