Another video of Sri Indra Soundarajan’s speech


Thanks to Vignesh Studio. From his speech we could understand that he was speaking in Kanchipuram. The first 30 mts or so is all about his experience. The rest, he talks about Periyava Mahatmiyam – many incidents – most of them, we have heard / read this article. There is one incident about a barber, which I have not heard/read before….

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  1. This is a repeat of the post dated July 19, 2015.

  2. Nice speech I was watching Indra Sundarrajan speech Kanchiyin Karunai Kadal in Pdughai TV but could not watch after coming to Chicago.But thanks to this sharing icould watch it and am very happy.

  3. Narayan Bala describes this incident about a barber. He translated the book ” I lived with God” as ” Naan Kadavuludan Vaazhndhen”. In Trichy when Sri Mahaa Periyavaa was camping, the author, Seetharaman, wanted to remove the tuft and approached a barber. During that time, the barber, a follower of Periyaan’s dravdial movement, said to the author this sanyasi was special and appears to be truthful and different from others. He leads a very simple life. The barber was automatically was drawn to him when he walks on the street. Talking about Prof. Seetharaman, the author of the book, Swami used to say: “I nurtured a bird, but it flew away”. The story of Prof. Seetharaman itself is interesting and Narayan Bala translated in a fitting manner. Pockets of Trichy were anti brahmins in 1950-60 and even Sujatha, the writer, used to describe the atrocities committed to the brahmins during that period. Writer and devotee Indira Soundararajan refers to this incident. Hara Hara Sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara…

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