Yenna Solli Naan Azhaithaal Vandhiduvaai?

Thanks Raj Balakrishna for sharing this link. I listened to this song and never thought that this would leave misty eyes! Almost everyone would say that the lines are all written specifically for each of us. Like Raj said, two of my favorite lines::

உனக்கும் எனக்கும் காத தூரமோ எங்கிருந்து ஓலமிட்டால் காதில் விழுமோ
எதனை நாள் பக்தி செய்தால் காட்சி கொடுப்பாயோ?

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  1. Heavenly

  2. What a performance! What a voice! Clear and emotional rendition. They had put in lot of effort. Kudos to their teachers. Keep it up. Vaazhga, Valarga, Valamudan Irukka.

  3. listening to this bajan everyday. still goose bumps and watery eyes.

  4. The heart melts and tears spontaneously flow. Superb rendition by these young children. May Maha Periyava, our Lord and Master Save and Bless us all! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya shankara!

  5. The rendering of the songs are simply super and very good feast for the ears as also for the mind. I will be failing, if I do not say a word of appreciation for the efforts put forth by those who have taught the children so nicely . May GOD bless them all.

  6. Very nice rendering. No words.

  7. superb. No words. What a rendition in the presence of eminent stalwarts. Blessed are these little Nightingales. They brought the deities in our hearts and minds through their melody. Thank you very much Mahesh for this wonderful link. Paramacharyal will be pleased to bless you ever.

  8. mesmerizing lines.

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