Mahaperiyava Bhajan by teenagers

Not sure if I have already posted this here….I ran into this video. Seems like a TV program contest as I see Soumya sitting as judge etc. What an amazing commitment and involvement from these kids….They dont sing like just like to participate and win – they seem to enjoy every minute of this….Extraordinarily well-sung and I was mesmerized by this song….

Sorry if this is a repeat.

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  1. Can anyone please post the lyrics of this song

  2. @ sankar, yes, this is sindhu bhairavi.

  3. Can someone please post the lyrics for this song.

  4. is this in Sindhubhairavi ?

  5. enna solli naan azhaithal vanthiduvai. excellent lyrics. very divine, periyava will take one more avatharam listening these kids sing those lines.

  6. how many ever times you hear this bajan we cry and have goose bumps as if we are hearing it for the first time.

    may periyava bless the kids of G.K shetty vivekananda vidyalaya Ambattur who sang this and the composer of this song.
    though they did not win this bajan competetion it is a feast for the periyava bhaktas soul.

  7. One of the way to enter the souls feet, feeling to cry and fly

  8. Superb.
    If I remember one team from Mysore also sang a similar composition on Maha Periyavaa in the finals conducted at Coimbatore.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Amazing…This is the first edition of Bhajan Samrat in Sankara TV (I think held in 2012). I am sharing a link of their performance in Finals – the second song in this link is also on Periaya – enna solli naan azhaithaal vandhiduvaai? Really touching song – there is a line which conveys the crux of the song – unakkum enakkum kaadha dhooramo… engirundhu olamittaal kaadhil vizhumo… Here is the link.

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