Periyava Mahimai – August Newsletter

Two things I learnt from this newsletter – (1) Never knew the background behind this pose of Periyava (2) Sthala puranam of the ambal temple in T.Nagar. Next time, I will go for darshan.

Thulasi mala incident is just amazing…Sarvagyan!!!

In the description, it is written as if Periyava was holding both the hands above the head – however, in the drawing, only one hand is above the head – unless I read it wrong. It doesn’t matter – but just an observation!

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!





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  1. Pls translate this article!

  2. Please translate this article.

  3. One can die while doing pooja or while thinking about god. (Rare). One can die on a sivarathri day, pradosham day, or ekadasi day, mentally being with the God.(rarer). But this incident seems to be the rarest of the rarest! Aho bhagyam, Aho bhagyam! Demonstrating the Para Brahmam’s quality of precision!!! (beyond human comprehension).

  4. பெரிய திருவடி சரணம் சரணம்

  5. Sri Periyavaa is performing a Mudra in both his hands, while simultaneously holding his dandam by his left hand and right leg. It is simply an oversight on the part of the narrator to say that he was performing a vandanam keeping both his hands above his head. Definitely this picture gives us the impression of Bagiratha Tapam reminding us of Ganga Maata and Bagiratha. Let us have Ganga snaanam whenever we can when she is still flowing!

  6. What can one humanly say on Divinity incarnate! || Sivaya Nama: Om ||

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