Evils of plastic bags and impact on stray animals

I don’t have to write anything about evils of plastic bags and the impact to our planet – there are million articles around it. Likewise, the plastic bags and how it accidentally gets into stray animal’s stomach is something we need to be conscious about when disposing waste. India, given the fact that stray animals are parts and parcels of our life and our lack of discipline in dealing with waste unlike western countries, should do something about this. There is no need to argue on our lack of discipline on waste management – it is proven beyond doubt.

Picture is worth thousand words and video is worth million words. Please see for yourself on how this poor cow ended up having 20 kgs of plastic in the stomach.

Next time, when you trash plastic, please remember this video.

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  1. in a vast country like india with its size of population, the govt.shall initiate appropriate legislative measures not only for curbing usage of plastic bags that are harmful for environment and for living dumb animals but also at the stage of manufacturing point itself.

  2. Dear mahesh,

    I have added details about satsang at my place, but the details are not seen. Could you please look into it. Thanks. This gho samrakshanam is one thing that I seriously want to do something about. Alone I am not able to get anywhere. Mobilising like minded periavaa bhakthas living in closer areas is my intention. If that works ,it will be great.

  3. Sri Mahesh
    With all due respect, in what way is this related to SoK forum?

  4. We are the biggest criminals of society as we just throw all the bags etc on roadsides.Do we follow the basics taught by all our teachers and parents not to dirty surroundings by throwing the bags and plastics papers everywhere.

    I have not been able to see such throwing in many countries I had visited in my business- reason is people are fined heavily, secondly are being watched always on roads ,streets etc by all people and police etc.Example is even a small country(25 sq.kms) like Singapore- throw a crushed bus ticket on the garden fence , you will be caught and fined around 50$.
    Also one should know by now that papers are made from wood pulp got by cutting trees and we promote EARTH HEAT UP etc.So let us now stop throwing anything on roads from childhood to death………

  5. Nobody is prepared to listen the bad effect of plastic bags when animals eat them In oldendays we used to get groceries only on wasted newspapers . Hotels used to give parcels only on plantainleaves. Except a few most people ignorethe side effect of plastic bags We shouls pray to Maha Periava to mend people’s ways of thinking Even the govt of the day donot bestow any attention in this matter. In no other country plastic bags are used as we do in our Bharath. Unlerss stringent punishment is awarded for those who manufacture such bags there will be no end to such incidents. The evil effect of plastic bags eaten by animals should be visually shown in TV which will have some effect in the minds of people

  6. By watching this video ,Tears came from my eyes Mahesh Sir…yes it is too cruel.we should ban plastic bags and should immedieately stop throwing plastic bags in road side in India

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