Atirudra Maha Yagna at Hindu Temple of Atlanta – Nov 18-28, 2015

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Dear Readers,

On behalf of Hindu Temple of Atlanta, I have a great pleasure in inviting you all to attend their Atirudra Maha Yagnam planned between November 18 – 28, 2015. All US devotees are invited to attend.

As being part of similar organizing committees, I can understand how difficult it is to put together a 2-day Maharudram event in US. Availability of ritwiks, vedic pundits, logistics of dealing with temples etc despite your regular work is so difficult. Here, Atlanta friends are doing an atirudram – simply extraordinary! One great thing about these events – it has become like a family event in US. It doesn’t matter which Maharudram/atirudram event you attend, you end up seeing lots and lots of familiar faces and it is always an delight to sit and chant Sri Rudram with them.

For an event like this, getting the exact count of ritwiks and chanting is important. To ensure that the event is successful, the organizing committee is sponsoring out of station ritwiks’ travel expenses to attend this event. Please refer to the FAQ section ( for more info. Ritwiks across the states in US should plan to attend this mega event and receive the blessings of Lord Parameswara and make this grand event a great success.

For more info, please contact the organizers.

Om Nama Sivaya!

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  1. My son is studying in Gatech. I’ve informed him. He chants rudram.

  2. Super !!! Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara,

  3. That’s Great news Mahesh
    Last year the Sai-Devotees of USA conducted one Atirudra Mahayagnyam at Atlanta.
    Atlanta seems to be fast becoming the spiritual center at USA.
    Maha Periyavaa Saranam

  4. Ati sundar ……. ati sundar. Kaash main bhi hota wahi us samay par !

    Hara hara Shankara. Jaya Jaya Shankara.

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