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I am sure at this point, across the globe, most of us would have completed 2015 yajur veda upakarma.. I am sure there are so many children who are having their thalai aavani avittam today – very special for them. Tomorrow we all are going to go sahasra gayathri japam.

Isn’t this a great time to take a sankalpam to do sahasra gayathri japam on every Sunday? I just got off from the event where there were about 40+ people gathered for upakarma. I talked to them for a minute or two about Mahaswami’s point on Sunday sahasra japam and how there are folks all over the world doing this in different groups. . Right then, two people wanted to start from next week. I talked to few kids who are having their thalai aavani avittam and they also agreed to do this….

As elders, we need to lead by examples. As devotees of Sri Periyavas, our responsibility is to follow the very basic upadesams of their Holinesses. Let us start this yagna from tomorrow onwards. 1008 on Sundays are not hard at all. When I started I was too frightened but after few weeks, it becomes naturally.

Lets do it.

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

Click here to read gayathri mantra mahimai from Sri Kanchi Matam.

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  1. when is sama veda upakarma?

  2. Great Initiative !!! Every one should be part of this. Thanks .

  3. Thanks a lot sir.it was motivating for us and you lead by example

    Today I did 1008 gayathri😄

  4. Thanks for an awakening post. I welcome the idea of setting a particular time. One question is the feasi
    iblity of time coordination with the devotees all over the world. Thanks Sir

  5. Yes, this is something we all can do.
    I have a few other thoughts on this.

    if we study world history, we notice a remarkable feature: For the last two thousand years, Christians have been establishing themselves wherever they have gone. For the last 1300 years, Muslims have been conquering every country they entered. Even today, they are asserting themselves in the West, which they entered as refugees first. Indians believe that Muslims did not conquer India, though they partitioned the country. But this is only partly true. If we take the original India (present India+Pakistan+Bangladesh), it has the largest number of MUslims in the world: there are now 60+ crore muslims here, as against a 100 crore Hindus! They are fast catching up.

    One reason why Christians and Muslims have been winning is their military power. But a more important reason is the power of CONGREGATIONAL WORSHIP.. They worship together, with a common aim.Large numbers of them worship at the same time. But Hindus do not worship in common. Even when they go to temples, they do archana, puja etc in individual names.Even in common places, they think only of themselves, individually! I only know one instance when someone prayed for the nation. That is, when former President Abdul Kalam visited Tirupati, he puchased archana tickets with his own money and wanted archana to be performed for the nation, not for himself!

    Christians and Muslims live in more than 100 countries. In many countries they are the majority. But Hindus have only India. But it is called a secular nation, not Hindu nation! (Nepal which was a Hindu kindom has also become secular). So, today, Hindus have no nation to call their own! And even their temples have been taken over by the govt.

    If Hindus have to save India for Hindus, Hindus too have to adopt congregational prayer. And the Brahmin community has a special responsibility to serve the nation and religion.

    It occurs to me that the Sahasra Gayatri Japam on Sunday can be forged into a powerful, peaceful tool for the purpose. Only two small adjustments are necessary:

    1. We have to devise a sankalpa to include the welfare of Bharatvarsha, besides the usual purusharthas and any other special purpose one may have in mind.
    2.We may all opt to begin the Sahahara Gayatri japam on Sunday at a particular time- say 9.00am- so that for the next 100 minutes or so. millions of us will be praying for the same purpose, for a single purpose.

    This is bound to generate tremendous spiritual, psychical, psychological and even occult powers, besides invoking direct divine grace. This is purely Satvik in nature, with no tantric or other esoteric elements.It calls for universal enlightenment, and harms no one!

    This is so simple: no money or organisation is involved! No ego clases are involved! No one even need go out of his home!
    This is the least the Brahmin community can do for Lokakshemam and Lokasangraham!
    May the well wishers and elders of the community think about this.(Please read this after reading Divine Thoughts 315)

  6. Why not. today was a very special day for me and my wife. we performed. mahaperiva paduka pooja. at. vedabhavan at. neredmet. hyderabad. i could see the wave of mahaperiva infuence in the veda patha shala here. http://www.vedabhavan.org

  7. Yes Mr Mahesh…I am starting from today…it took about 1.5 hrs…I definitely hope that it continues every sunday (Periyava should drive me) in this….

  8. We will Mahesh Garu!

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