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Long back I posted an article on what “ayushman Bhava” means – Here is the link…..This is the explanation given by Periyava..

Of the twenty-seven Yogas, one is named AyushmAn. Of the eleven KaraNas, one is the called the Bhava. Among the week days, the Saumya Vaasaram falls on a Wednesday. When all these three–on a Wednesday, the AyushmAn Yoga and the Bhava KaraNa–occur together, that day is said to be shlAgya. Therefore, if these three occur together, whatever good phalas would be got, I bless that you may get all those fruits…

This combination is extremely rare to get. August 26th (Wednesday) is one such rare day. Last such occurrence was on Oct 9, 2013.

Whatever our prayers are will be answered. Hope everyone gets this message today so that you can spend enough time in the puja room on this special day….Let us pray our gurus to bless us with all the spiritual growth we all need. Being readers of this blog and devotees of Periyava, let us not ask any material benefits – let us ask for His grace, blessings to elevate us spiritually!

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Sankara!

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  1. Dear Mahesh,

    i was out of station without internet access. Luckily, saw this mail today on arrival.

    If there is any time bound mail, please, consider an alert as “IMMEDIATE” or whatever suits you, so that we are alerted to see them well in time (among a maze of other numerous mails).


  2. I would be surprised if Sri Periyava had really given such an explanation.
    It would then imply that when someone does a namaskaaram to a senior, the senior just utters 3 words which convey no blessings but just utters 3 words which are not connected.
    A blessing should include a benedictory phrase like “live long” or ” be victorious” or ” attain fame” etc when one receives a namaskaaram.
    This so-called interpretation means that the senior does not convey any benediction or blessing but just utters 3 auspicious words in the air without addressing the person doing namaskaaram
    There is no noun or verb or anything but just 3 unrelated words .

    Unless this episode is reflected in an authentic narrative like from Sri Ra Ganapathi or Sri Matam’s official biography of Sri Periyavaa, one should dismiss such narrations only as figments of imagination of the preachers and speakers who strive hard to make a living and popularity using Sri Periyavaa’s name.

    Please do not feel offended because I am as ardent a sishya of Sri Periyavaa as anyone else on this forum

    • This incident appears in the book ‘Mahaperiyava dharisana anubavangal’ volume 3. These incidents were compiled by T.S. Kothandarama Sarma as told by Maha Periyava’s anukka thondargal Sri Ekambaram mama etc. A total of 7 or 8 volumes have been published by vanathi pathipagam on this title.

  3. Wonderful information Thanks

  4. Thanks. Prayers must continue every day for loka shemam thro periyava blessings shower.

  5. Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara! Maha Periyava ThiruvadigaLee CharaNam! With His Blessings, what Good Phalas will not come?

  6. Please confirm the karanam for tomorrow. I don’t think it is bhava karanam.

    It is badhraa karanam it seems…

    Pl check

  7. Thanks MaheshJi for providing us with the timely reminder.. May Maha Periyavaa bless us all.. Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara…

  8. Thanks Mahesh for sharing this!! Maha Periyava Padham Charanam!!!

  9. Thanks Mahesh for the great and timely alert!

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