I am listening to every word your mother says!


(Above padhukas are from His satara yatra – currently in Sri Ekambaram mama’s house. Thanks to Sri Sudarshan for the photo)

This school kid is bored in the summer vacation and has been asking his parents for going on some trip on vacation. As it is true with any other family, father is so busy with work and taking vacation is difficult etc. He goes to his mother and asks when would he be free to take us to vacation etc. Obviously, he is dejected as he couldn’t go anywhere.

On that night, he gets a dream where Periyava is taking him aerially – somewhere in the sky….

This kid asks Him, “My father is working hard. When will my father be free from all the work to take us for a vacation?”

Periyava responds, “Hard work always pays”

Suddenly, He changes the topic and tells this kid, “I know your mother is also doing hard work in doing satsang etc. I listen to every word she says in the pravachanam”.

How lucky is she to get a direct anugraham from Periyava on the work she does?! What else one wants as a reward for doing kainkaryams!

Who is this mother?! Smt Vidhya Srinivasan – read this article about her!

Moral of the dream – (1) any satsang we do with true devotion to Periyava is heard/blessed by Him (I have one such incident!) (2) After Periyava had confirmed that He is listening to the pravachanams, why can’t we listen to them? Please click the above link and  listen to those wonderful pravachanams on puranas. If you are in the bay area, please go in person and attend.

So, what happened to the boy’s much-needed trip?! I am sure the parents took this boy to a vacation finally! I forgot to ask 🙂 Hopefully Srinivasan can post his comments here!

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

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  1. Dear Sri Mahesh

    I have sent this photo to you and all others after I was blessed to interact with. I was blessed to worship and offer prayers at Sri Ekambaram Mama’s home during Sri Maha Periyava’s Jayanthi Day recently.


  2. I happened to listen to the Satsung (audio) it was very nice and practical…easy to understand for normal & common beings like me…

  3. When periava himself came and took the boy what his father has to say. Who is more blessed the boy or the mother or the father who has got such a son and wife. Sankaraaaaaaaa

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