Hindu Temple of Kentucky invites you all for Maharudram event – Sep 4, 5 & 6

1450Lord Shiva

On behalf of Hindu Temple of Kentucky, I have a great pleasure in inviting you all for the Maharudram event that has been planned for September 4, 5 & 6.

Sri Rudram is a yajur vedic hymn in praise of Lord Shiva. This is accepted by many as the greatest form of worship for universal peace, prosperity and salvation.Maharudram will be performed by 121 Ritwiks chanting Sri Rudram 11 times totaling 1331 times. 

The organizing committee has been doing a great job in making every arrangements. They definitely need more qualified ritwiks to sign up to get to the 121 counts. If you are a qualified ritwik and interested in participating in this event, please contact one of the following members of the committee. Please visit this link for more details

Ritwik accommodation and airport pick up will be taken care of.

For details please contact : 

Johnny Alse : (812) 987-5151
Srini Narasimhan : (502) 775-9344
Sunder Iyer : (502) 298-7917

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    As per the latest update yesterday, 20 more ritwiks are needed to get the 121 count. Any qualified ritwiks in US are requested to do their best to participate in this event and make this event a successful one.

  2. Sahasra Gayathri Japam at West Mambalam on every Anusham Star.
    I am happy to share with you…that a Hindu Temple in USA, Ohio State, cincinnati
    has been organising a sahasra Gayatri Samashti japam, every month , in the
    temple Hall, on a Sunday morning. About 50 people participate to chant .
    This is floolwed by a community Lunch. Participants bring one dish and it
    becomes a variety entertainment Lunch. My son in law is a regular participant in chanting
    There is a leader to chant the Gayatri in 5 syllubles and others follow the same
    repeating every time.
    Hope this attempt in West Mambalam will be extended to other cities as well throughout India, to propagate Gayatri japam.
    This info. is coming to us in the wake of Aavani Avittam. Hope all observe
    Gayatri japam in the proper manner.
    Vedanarayanan. Pune.

    • Gayatri Japam should be done as Maanaseekam (Best benefit), Upamsu (medium benefit) and generally NOT as a Vaikari (loud chanting). Why should one person say it loud and others repeat? Is n’t each individual know the mantra? One should chant it in silent mode.

  3. Jaya jaya shankara Hara hara shankara

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