Samashti Sahasra Gayathri Japam on Anushams @W.Mambalam

Sri Panchami Nagarajan mama’s service and bhakthi is immeasurable! If one needs to look into life transformation due to Periyava, mama is one of the great examples. He has been doing seva to Sri Matam and also organizing Periyava and Sri Adi Acharya events in W.Mambalam for a long time….I got this email from mama few days back and reproducing this. I sincerely request each of you and your children to take active participation in this and get the blessings of veda maata.

Please contact mama at the number given below and get connected.

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara !!
Kaaladi Sankara Kamakoti Sankara Sankara !!


It is a known fact that Gayathri Manthram is the mother of all manthras and it has been handed down to us by the great rsis.  It not only protects the individual but the entire mankind. We also know  that in the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna himself has proclaimed to Arjuna – “Among all the mantras, I am the Gayatri”.

HH Sri Mahaperiyava has emphasized the significance of the Gayathri Manthram in every possible occasion.

Sri “Panchami” Nagarajan, who takes upon himself every word uttered by Sri Mahaperiyava as His command, has undertaken an ambitious project where he desires to have 1000 individuals each chant Sahasra Gayathri – that is a million chants.   To do it one step at a time, we are inviting people to come and chant on  Anusham star day every month. We have reached a count of about 220 so far.

We are trying to publish the information every month in the local papers, the details as given below,  so that more people can come and participate.

How can you help?

You can come and chant yourself and also refer/encourage other people to come and chant, after all drops of water that the mighty ocean, the least we can do help the cause.

For the well being and prosperity of the whole mankind, Jagadguru Sri Sankara Panchami Seva Trust has been conducting Samashti Sahasra Gayathri Japam every month on Anusham (Sri Mahaperiyava Star) star day at 56 / B5 Sri Padhuka Apartments, Postal Colony First Street, West Mambalam. It is the desire of the Panchami Trust to have the Gayathri Mantra chanted at least a million times. All people who have taken Brahmopadesham can participate.

Program will start around 9 AM and will include Paadha Pooja of the participants, Sahasra Gayathri Japam and mahaprasadam. Interested people are requested to call and register themselves as space is limited.

Jagadguru Sri Sankara Bhagavat Padhal Panchami Seva Trust (Regd)
regd off: 56, Sri Padhuka Apartments,
Postal Colony 1st Street, West Mambalam, Chennai – 600 033
Contact: Ph: 9444757441 / 9841507899 / 8056944330 /  – email:

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  1. I am very much interested.God-willing,will come and do the Japa there,Great initiative indeed.Thanks Nagarajan Sir.

  2. Yes, this ‘Gayatri Mahamantra’ chanting is indeed great Yagna by itself. This has given me food for thought. Anusham day is best suited for such an undertaking. I would like to introduce this in our Chembur Centre too, with his Blessings.

  3. Great service beind done for Loka Kshemam! Chanting 1000 Gayathris on Anusham Day is Double PuNyam! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  4. Thanks to this portal and Sri Mahesh for sharing all these information. Had the good fortune of attending the event today. What an experience !!. Really great service done by the organizers.. Very very rare to see such kind of people around us. Amazing.. Words not enough to express my feeling after attending the event. Looking forward to the forthcoming Gayathri Japam in the GoShala near by my house. Highly Thankful to Guru & God for making me a resident of West Mambalam with lot of spiritual activities happening around this place. Again Thanks a Ton.

  5. I have been doing it for the past year or so. Either on Anusham or the immediate Sunday. If anyone is interested to join me in Naperville, let me know…

  6. One of the request of Mahaperiyava is to set up Gayathri Saba in every village and perform Gayathri Japam as whenever it is possible. This is one of the humble begining.

  7. Great effort. Glad to see initiatives on Gayathri Japa Mahimai.. I personally benefited seeing such events happening and also Upansayams organized on Gayathri japa Mahimai by Veda Dharma Sastra Paripalana sabha.

  8. A Great yagnam indeed! All should make themselves possible to participate in this for loka kshemam!

  9. I hv also attended one or two japams in his apartment Anusham sri Rudra japam.
    Very great service he is doing. VViswanathan kk Nagar

  10. Yes, indeed it is good for Mankind.
    BTW, members of Sree KODI GAYATHRY JAPAYAJYA SAMITHI, 92 LIC Colony Kakithapattarai, Vellore, has started the chanting of ‘ Sahasra Gayathry” daily from August 1st 2015, to Feb 2016, & as concluding function on auspicious day( in jan/ Feb 2016) , ashta dravya gayathri Homam will be conducted. This is already in vogue for past few years, under the guidance of sri. Ganesa ganapadigal of Arani.I am also performing this from this year.
    Sri ” Panchami” nagarajan,s Devotion & Bhakthi is true to the Core. I had couple of times participated in “Anusham ” functions at his home .
    Hara hara sankara, jaya Jaya sankara.
    A. V . Krishnamoorthy.

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