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Gho Pooja 4

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara – Here is the list of key points from Deivathin Kural Gho Samrakshanam Chapters (32 chapters in Volume 7 and 1 chapter in Volume 3). Let’s pray to Periyava to show us all a way to do Gho Samrakshanam  ‘consistently’ and do whatever we can do to revive this Dharma.  Periyava Thiruvadigal Charanam. Ram Ram.

  1. Our mother feeds us milk only for a year or two whereas Gho Matha feeds us for our entire life time. Not only milk, she also provides, curd, ghee, buttermilk, dried cow dung cakes that is used for Homams/Yajnams. We also get Basma (Vibuthi) from dried cow dung cakes. Gho Matha is very soft and tender by nature. Gho Matha takes the form of Bhu Matha and Sri Matha as well.
  2. Milk is allowed to be consumed by Sannyasis who according to Shastras are refrained
    from consuming any animal products, with the exception of Cow milk.
    It satisfies their twin objectives of not harming an animal for food and also increases
    their Sathvik (Good) qualities. The same holds true for normal people as well.
  3. Everything in Gho Matha is considered auspicious. Even the Gho Meyam (Urine) and
    Gho Mayam (Cow Dung) are considered auspicious and is part of Pancha Gavyam.
  4. Performing Pancha Kavya abhishekam (Mixture of Milk, Curd, Ghee, Cow Urine, and Cow Dung) to Lord Shiva is considered very auspicious.   Doing abhishekam using Cow horn to Lord Shiva is considered auspicious as well. We need to realize even the Cow dung and urine are very pure in nature that has a lot of divine and medicinal values.
  5. Gho Rosonai (Liver Fat) is used in Siddha Medicines. Her skin is used for making Mela (drums) played in temple worship/auspicious occasions. Of course, the above said should only be obtained after Gho Matha passes away naturally and not by brutally killing her which is a grave sin with no atonement.
  6. The dust that arises out of her walking is considered very auspicious as well. Godhooli Snaanam, which is one of the auspicious bath as mentioned by scriptures and Srimad Bhagawatham states Lord Krishna has enjoyed this several times.
  7. One of the key reasons why one home in Bhopal was not affected a bit when millions died was because of the cow dung cakes that were used in performing daily Yajnas. After this incident, the Russian scientists accepted that Cow dung has very strong disinfectant and anti-pollutant capabilities.
  8. Pancha Gavyam, made of five cow products (Milk, Curd, Ghee, Cow Dung, and Cow Urine) has immense scientific and spiritual capabilities. They are used for exterior as well as interior cleaning. They are used to cure bone related diseases. Cow Urine is used in preparation medicines for stomach aches. Milk is full of Calcium which helps our bones grow stronger and also help cure skin related diseases. The benefits of curd, ghee and buttermilk, if consumed the right levels are significant and are very well known to all of us.
  9. According to scriptures, killing Gho Matha is equivalent to killing our mother, the gravest of all sins with no atonement. Even a small harm caused to Gho Matha is a great sin.
  10. No Homams/Yajnas can happen in this world without Gho Matha or her products.
  11. Anushtanams (ritual)/Japams done in Gho Shala (where Cow resides) provides billion times more benefits than done at home.
  12. Cows when they cease to provide milk, still provide ingredients for organic manure.
  1. Cow feeding can be made very simple by collecting all vegetable waste daily from our
    homes, hotels, and hostels on a ‘Daily’ basis. All we need to do, show some
    heart to do this.

  2. All 33 crore devathas reside in Gho Matha. She is a walking temple by herself. All Punniya Theerthas (Sacred rivers) reside in her.
  3. Ignoring Cow by not feeding properly and killing is a grave sin. She should be
    considered a National Treasure.
  4. Gho Matha is Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi herself. Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi resides in the rear part of the cow. In Sri Madam Gho Puja is done daily before Ghaja puja.
  5. Lighting Ghee Lamp in temples and home is considered very auspicious. This is yet another
    invaluable product that Gho Matha provides us.
  6. Ban of Cow Slaughter is very important and public should campaign for it. More importantly, Gho
    Matha Samrakshanam by individuals should happen on a daily basis. Existing Gho Salas should
    flourish and new Gosalas should be built to ensure not even one cow should go for slaughter.
  7. Do not mix coffee (caffeine content) with milk. Abolish this practice forever. Even Afghanistan and
    Mughal rulers of India had strict ban on cow slaughter not too long ago.
  8. Vedas, Sastras, Ithihasas, and Puranas emphasize the importance of Gho Matha Samrakshanam,
    Seva, and worship umpteen number of times.
  9. We should campaign intensly for Gho Matha Samrakshanam and also involve people from other
    religions as well by patiently explaining the qualities of Mother Cow.
  10. Protecting Mother Cow is Protecting the world. The world will be much more peaceful only when atrocities against Gho Matha stops. If Mother Cow is put in distress the entire world will suffer as well. Cow Protection is extremely important for Loka Kshemam.
  11. It is important we learn how to do Gho Matha Samrakshanam from North Indian people who have
    immense love and respect for Gho Samrakshanam.
  12. There is NO GREATER PUNNIYAM than doing Gho Dhanam; Performing Gho Samrakshanam is Parama Punniyam, Parama Dharmam. Performing Gho Matha Samrakshanam is the biggest Lakshmi Puja as well.

  13. It is my wish that all people irrespective of caste, creed, or religion unite together for this great cause of Gho Matha Samrakshanam.

    Lokha Samastha Sukhino Bavanthu. Periyava Thiruvadigal Charanam! Ram Ram!


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  1. Jai Sai Ram Srinivasan Sir
    Do you have any Ghoshala? Is there a way where my wife and I can sponsor a Gho Matha & can be taken care – even in Sri madam also.
    I am living in Canada, but would like to follow Maha Periyava’ teachings, where ever possible.

  2. thanks to everybody.The cause of my writing is the mental torture i have gone through and going through.We have a small go sala at home with ONLY INDIAN PURE BREED COWS. I am being tortured by neighbours day in and day out .You have to be alert 24/7. police complaint was lodged on me just for having cows at home.I am in gujarat so called cow friendly state.So, as somebody said we are moving to village nearby.I cannot imagine in my wildest dreams of having a go sala in Tamilnadu as i know the practical difficulties.Our only support is PERIAVA and whatever comes he takes care of it.Jai shri krishna.

    • Wow! Amazing Smt. Jayanthi, what a great service you are doing!!! I pray to Periyava to give you all the support that is needed. I will write you an e-mail shortly to know more about your Gosala. Ram Ram!

  3. Ram Ram Sir,

    Periyava has told about this in Sannithya Vishsham Chapter under Gho Samrakshanam section in Volume 7. The Kamakoti site link is not opening now so I’m giving the link that is already posted in this site. Hope this helps. Ram Ram

  4. Namaskaram,

    Can you please tell me in which chapter of divatthin kural it is mentioned about benifit of billion times more in cow shed than done at home as would like to share the same with my friends.



  5. Namaskaram Smt. Jayanthi Mam….. The best way to do Go Samrakshanam is to go back to our villages or home towns… Live in our villages / towns in our houses / homes (not on Flats – I remember the quote of Sri Periyava on Flat – It has neither the floor nor the roof owned by the so called owner) nurture a cow by giving a wash every Tuesday & Friday, serve food everyday, clean its place every day and have it protected it till its last… Sri Periyava said once on ‘Snanam’ the holyness from the dust of Gho Matha… We were blessed to do this by His Grace from our adult to childhood… Deep desire has come in mind to back to roots live in serenity, from city….

    It is not an advise, suggestion or any other forms for others… It is only my experience I shared…

    During our young days, A girl worked with us at our home along with us got married with a well mannered boy and leads a happy life… Even in our life, every thing what we have is it is because of this divine service we were blessed to offer to Her… Even today ‘Kalyani’ adorns our Kitchen, I am blessed to see Her delivery and do ‘samskarm’ for Her.

    Painful story I heard in one of the Ghosala recently is, after milking life is over and they become old, they sell it out because the place is crowded… TTD Ghosala has vast land acquired and doing research and there is no need for them to sell unmilking cows at their life end either for money or for space constraint.

    Pray to His Divinity that each one of us be Blessed to rear a cow from its birth and till its end.

    • Ram Ram Sir, while it is a very noble thought to go back to one’s village and hometown how much it is practically possible today is really a big question. It is very nice to hear your experience on Gho Matha, wish and pray those days come back.

      More viable option is to support Ghosalas that are near our locality or in the close proximity. Our Sri Madam has Gho Samrakshanam option as well. If we have cow traffic near our home nothing better than. A bucket of water with vegetable waste from home is a great way to do this kainkaryam. Ram Ram

  6. People read the article ,say that periaval saranam, or jaya jaya sankara, hara hara sankara, job is done and blog is appriciated. Only .1% think of the reality and try to do something. very few take bold steps and are criticised for the lifetime. This is not a complaint,but fact. if asked for any help physical or monitary you will get tons of advices to not to go for begging and do only that much you can or give 5 rupees and command how to use it.MY expieriences make me write this. sorry if some feels bad.

    • Smt Jayanthi. You are absolutely right!

      • Ram Ram Smt. Jayanthi – You are spot on, but we also need to see what Periyava has said in this regard. I remember reading an incident where Periyava asks devotees to collect funds for Kamakshi Gold Kavasam. The devotees encountered few insults and hardships along the way and told Periyava.

        Here is what Periyava said – When it comes to public service and sourcing public funds we are bound to encounter all sorts of insults, neglects, promises that are not kept, etc. but the underlying fact why we do this to for our own Siddha Sudhi (Mental cleaniness and destroy of ego). Some sort of insult and hardships will only destroy our karma. Our duty is only to keep propogating Periyava messages, follow it to the best of out ability and ask people for help. If they are not interested or insult us we need to take it in our stride and pray to periyava for their well being and move on. Periyava has taught this invaluable lesson to this Maha Paabi the last one year or so. Ram Ram.

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