Did you not hear Swamigal call out your name?

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In the picture Swamigal is seen doing Anushtanams during His Satara Vijaya Satara in the year 1983. I see Sri Balu mama, Sri Mettur Swamigal
“On one occasion, I went, along with my wife, to Karvetnagar in Chittoor district where the Swamigal was camping.

It was evening. He was not in the camp and I was told that He had gone to a nearby village. The people told me that I could reach the village quickly if I could go through the dried fields. Otherwise, it would take a long time, if I took a circuitous route.

As I went along the narrow bunds separating the fields, I found the Swamigal returning to Karvetnagar, walking briskly on the narrow bunds. I walked along with Him to His camp.

There is a big tank in Karvetnagar. When the Swamigal was conversing with some others, I found a foreigner standing, with folded hands, on the other side of the tank. I went to him to find out from which country he had come.

Even as I was talking to him, my wife came running and asking, “Did you not hear Him calling you, Ganesan, Ganesan…?”

Shankara, what blessings to be called out One’s name by Him. By That Sarveshwaran!

I immediately returned to where the Swamigal was.

He asked me, “What do you propose to have for dinner?”

I replied that we had brought chapathis with us!

Endowed with great humour, He said, “You brought some chapathis because you did not expect the Sanyasi to provide you food for dinner?!” :)))

When I just smiled, He said, “I know you have programmed to leave early in the morning. Don’t do so. The government has deprived the Raja of Karvetnagar of the privy purse it had promised. He is now down and out. You wait till lunch time and have food in his house. And, you give him whatever you can!”

The Walking God not only provided food for me but also some money to the former Raja of Karvetnagar!


What a compassion!”


The above is the third incident narrated to me by Shri ‘Hindu’ Ganesan Mama in Hyderabad. He was the Reporter of The Hindu for almost 30 years, based out of Hyderabad.

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  1. “Vazhga Andhanar vanavar avinmam
    veezgha thanpunal vendhanum oonguga
    Aazgha theeyathelam Haran namam
    soozgha vayagamum thuyartheerkave”
    (Thayumananava Swamigal)

  2. Maha Periyava Padham Charanam!!!

  3. Hara Hara Shankara, jaya Jaya Shankara! One can just wonder in marvel at the PuNyam done by Sri Ganesan and family.


  5. Sri Ekambaram Mama is in-between Sri Balu Mama and Sri Mettur Swamigal

  6. No one can can return empty. Sankaraaaaaaaaaaaaa

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