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  1. If one believes in rebirth, which is there, then what we were in our previous birth? Only Mahaperiava knows
    Dr.Kalam was a noble soul. May the Noble Soul rest in Lord’s feet..

    • I have sent a proposal to issue a commemorative postal stamp on Sri HH. Jayendra Saraswati Swamiji
      on the occasion of His Shatabti celebrations. The letter has appeared in Sakaal Times Pune on 31 July. The Phillatelic committe headed by Hon. Minister for Communications, has decided to issue stamps on
      Eminent personalities in all ealks of Life. Any of our readers to give weight to the propsal.?

      Vedanarayanan Andanallur.

  2. Dr. Abdul Kalam has written greatly about the great gesture of Maha Periyava who prevented the shifting of the Islamic mosque next to the Kanchi Sri Matham, even though it was initiated by the Government. Have devotees recorded any interaction which Sri. Kalam had with Maha Periyava? Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  3. Bharata mata muddu bidda(adored child) merged with Lord Narayana.exemplary personality.jaya jaya Sankara hara hara Sankara.bhanumathi.

  4. The pontiffs of Kanchi Mutt welcome to interact with great statesmen, scholars, scientists and celebrities. They also grace all devotees who approach them. They transcend religious barrier. No wonder that Pudhu Periyavaal is discussing with Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam an eminent scientist. Jaya jaya Sankara.

  5. Dear Blogspot followers and Mahesh,

    I’m writing this as Kalam’s mortal remains is nearing its final destination – something struck me on the parallels between three great souls who lived in the times close to each other – Swami Vivekananda, Mahaperiyava and Dr Abdul Kalam. The common denominator that stands out are simplicity, renunciation, brahmachrayam, accessibility, and a continuous desire to uplift humanity – look at the result.

    The existence of the theory of karma and rewards proportional to the merits gathered needs no further proof. Benefits may be felt by one who have these great qualities in their lifetime itself, but such thing as keerthi will mean nothing to these great souls and they are perhaps indifferent to such things. The far less evolved ones like me will have to wait for the next birth perhaps.


  6. Dear Mahesh, you will get another rare picture with Dr Kalam Sir with Pata Sala Vadyars and Vidhyarthis…

    Both the Phots were shared by Research Group – Management group in Whats up from SCSVMV University…

  7. This picture I posted in Mahaperiyava Group in Whats up in Bangalore in early morning today that was shared to me by one of my friends.

    Credit goes to those who initially taken this picture and shared it..

  8. Great Man, Great loss which is irreparable. A noble man beyond religion and profound thinker of patriotism. Loss felt more, than that he was alive. All people today recalling his life and activities, never thought of his demise will some so suddenly. God has taken back his beloved noble man.

    Atma shanti praptrirastu! ……………………… Krushnaarpanam!

  9. Great picture. A very simple and unassuming man. Great loss.
    In these days of Muslim hatred and fear, it is refreshing to see a Muslim man sitting so close to our Acharya. This one photo conveys so many messages. It happens only in India.

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