Periyava’s Thoughts – Mother Cow Protection in Olden Times

                                                 28. முற்காலத்தில் நடந்த பசு பராமரிப்பு


– Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara – This picture tells more than a billion words! What an innocence in Gho Matha’s eyes and the Sthree that lovingly hugs her. It is beyond me how can people even think of harming Gho Matha?  Periyava nostalgically remembers the olden days during which people showed their love and compassion towards Mother Cow. No wonder they had a much peaceful, hale, and healthy life than us doing this important Dharma as Periyava explains below. We can imagine their very high standards of living,  attention to detail, the Jeeva Karunyam they had in erecting the stones to remove even a cow’s itching sensation. He rues the present fact that we are neither feeding them properly and also letting cows to go for slaughter which is a great blemish on us. Periyava, Please, Please give us all the same empathy and compassion our ancestors had to revive this Dharma. Ram Ram!

சொல்லி ப்ரயோஜனமில்லை என்றாலும் சொல்லாமலும் இருக்க முடியவில்லை. வெள்ளைக்கார அரசாங்கம் வருகிறதற்கு முந்தி ஊருக்கு ஊர், கிராமத்துக்கு கிராமம் பசுக்களுக்கென்றே பிரத்யேகமாக மேய்ச்சல் பூமி சாஸனமாக விடப்பட்டிருக்கிறது. கோக்ஷேமத்துக்குள்ள முக்யத்வம் தெரியாத வெள்ளைக்கார அரசாங்கம் அந்த பூமிகளையும் தர்க்காஸ்தாகக் கொடுத்து விட்டது. பசுவின் வயிற்றில் அதிலிருந்து அடி விழ ஆரம்பித்தது. அதே மாதிரி, மந்தைக் கரைக்குளம் என்று பசுக்களுக்காகவே முன்காலத்தில் இருந்த குளங்களும் இப்போது எடுபட்டுவிட்டன. Minor irrigation works – சிறிய நீர்ப்பாசனத் திட்டம் – என்று அரசாங்கத்தில் போடுவதில் இந்த மந்தைக் கரைக் குளத்தையும் சேர்த்துக் கொள்ள வேண்டும்.

அநேக க்ராமங்களாக இருந்தவை உருமாறித்தான் இன்றைய சென்னை மாநகராகியிருக்கிறது. இப்போது மந்தைவெளி என்று இருக்கிற பேட்டை ஆதியில் மேய்ச்சல் பூமியாகவே இருந்திருக்கிறது. அமிஞ்சிக்கரையை அமைந்த கரை என்கிறார்களே, அது மந்தைக்கரை குளமாகத்தான் இருந்திருக்க வேண்டும்.

முன்னாளில் மாடுகளிடம் எத்தனை அபிமானம் காட்டி அதை ரக்ஷித்தார்கள் என்பதற்கு ஒரு சான்று சொல்கிறேன். மனிதர்களாகப் பிறந்தவர்கள் கடைத்தேறுவதற்காக செய்யவேண்டிய தர்மங்களை எண்-நான்கு- அதாவது முப்பத்திரண்டு – அறங்கள் என்று சொல்லியிருக்கிறது. அதை இரட்டிப்பாக்கி அறுபத்துநாலு தர்மங்கள் என்றும் சொல்வதுண்டு. அவற்றில் ஒன்றாக ‘ஆதீண்டு குற்றி நிறுவுதல்’ என்பதைச் சொல்லியிருக்கிறது. அது என்ன? ஒரு கோவுக்கு உடம்பிலே அரிக்கிறது. நமக்கு எங்கே அரித்தாலும் நாம் கையை வளைத்துச் சொறிந்து கொள்கிறோம். கோவோ பின்னங்காலைக் கொண்டுதான் சொறிந்து கொள்வது. அப்போது சில இடங்களில் அரித்தால் அதற்கு ஸரியாக சொறிந்து கொள்ள வராது. அந்த மாதிரி ஏற்படும்போது அது அரிப்பெடுக்கிற பாகத்தை நேரே வைத்துத் தேய்த்துச் சொறிந்து கொள்வதற்கு வாகாகக் கல்லை நட்டு வைப்பதுதான் ‘ஆதீண்டு குற்றி நிறுவுதல்’. ஆங்காங்கே இந்த மாதிரி நட்டு வைத்தார்கள். அந்த வழியில் போகிற மாடுகள் அவற்றில் சொறிந்து கொண்டு தினவு தீர்ந்தன. இப்படிச் சின்ன விஷயங்களைக் கூடப் பரம தர்மமாக நினைத்து கோவுக்குச் செய்த தேசத்தில் நாம் அதை எலும்பும் கூடுமாக்குகிறோம், வதையாவதற்கு விடுகிறோம் என்றால் அது நமக்குப் பெரிய அபக்யாதி.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    I have subscribed my brother to your site. He told me that he has not received any posts from your site. His email ID is kindly check and please do the needful.
    Thank you

  2. How to register to get this card


    • Ram Ram Shri. Sekar Gopal – Great to know of your keen interest in moving forward with Gho Samrakshanam. Let’s make it happen!

      The “Pidi Arisi Thittam” (Handful of Rice) scheme is running successfully at many places. Under this scheme, every household sets apart just a handful of rice every day and this will be collected by a central agency once a week, cooked in some temples and offered as neivedya to the deity and then distributed to the poor and needy. If there are no agencies nearby you can cook and offer it as Neivedya to deity and distribute to poor/needy.

      Hope this helps you get started. Ram Ram!

  4. Thanks to FB Paramacharya Community for the translation

    28. Cow Protection in Olden Times

    Although there is not use talking about it now, we cannot remain without doing so. Before the advent of British rule, in every place, in every village exclusive grazing plots have been allotted for cattle to graze. But the British government which did not know the importance of the welfare of the cows distributed those plots. From that time, the cows started losing their food. Similarly, there were tanks meant exclusively for cattle. These have disappeared now. In the government’s plans of Minor Irrigation Works, such tanks should be included.

    I shall give evidence to show with how much love people cared for the cattle in the olden times. For beings to get redemption, 32 different kinds of dharma (charity) are mentioned. This is also said to be 64.

    One of these is to erect vertical stones against which the cattle can rub themselves to get relief from itching sensation. In a country where even such small things are considered as great dharma, we are making the cows skinny and bony and making way for killing them. It is a slur on us.

  5. Shri. Mahesh, thank you for compiling all gho matha related information/ must dos from deivathin kural.

    I need some suggestion on how to go about gho samrakshanam in a very tiny way that I can. I live in Bangalore in purva apartment which has around 1000 odd apartments in the complex. I would love to make arragements to collect vegetable peels from all tnese household and give it to the person who has cows .

    Today I found out that the vegetable section of the departmental stores in the apartment complex has all leaves of beetroot cauliflower and other leaves and vegetables and is sent for wet waste recycling. I gave him my wee bit of knowledge about how it can be used for cow feeding. He has agreed. What is the next step. How do I work out a plan. Can someone suggest a plan. Also I would love to involve other likeminded people in joining hands so that i dont feel alone.

    Thank you for inspiring me. Pidi arisi thitam : I am personally doing it and once the box gets full, i take it to sankaramatam. They have a huge grannery where they collect rice for veda padashala. Is there a way i can convince others to do the same. Overcoming the inhibition of approching seems difficult..😊. Suggetions are welcome. Periava thunai.

    You are doing a great job of repeatedly bringing out periavas words and that makes an impact. We all read thaivathin kural and just take what is applicble to us. Your approach of compiling specific wish of maha periava is driving the informating straight to the heart and makes us think of some action that is possible by us with periava anugraham. Thanks.

    • Ram Ram Smt. Lakshmi – I’m absolutely amazed and humbled by your interest in moving this initiative forward. Way to go!. I’m sure with Periyava’s grace you will find more like minded persons so you do not feel alone. Same with Pidi Arisi Thittam, Periyava says we should shed all our inhibitions when doing public seva. We just have to talk to people, see if they are like minded and engage them which makes it much easier than preaching without checking their pulse. Just my thoughts based on little experience.

      On Gho Samrakshanam – Now that you have figured out one piece of the puzzle i.e. collecting vegetables waste, do you have a cow shelter nearby where you can either feed the cows directly or arrange for the vegetable waste to be transported there? You can take some help from the localities who deal with cows if you are not aware. Do you also see cows grazing in your nearby area? Periyava has taken it this far, he will help solve the remaining part of the puzzle as well. I’m very eager and excited in seeing this move forward. Please let me know. Periyava Thiruvadigal Charanam! Ram Ram.

      • Your encouragement gives me lot of strength to take this further. I will make an effort to find the cow shelter soon. Thank you so much for morally supporting and for your guidance. I will post my progress however small it is.

        The video sent by sri. Vijay is also giving me an idea that i can use the visual impact to re introduce pidi arisi thittam in our small communities who have not heard about it. Because its periava thittam … Periava will surely help me play a small part and guide me.

      • Excellent! Please do keep us posted on the progress. It will also act as a good case study for others to follow. Also see if you can support a Ghosala even if it is Rs.1 per day/Rs.30 month. All little things add up; tiny drops make a mighty ocean!. You can also review the Gho Samarakshanam Awareness Website that contains all Periyava upadesams and the status quo at, which you can consider spreading to your family/friends. As you mentioned, it is much more effective visually than explaining to each one in person. Jai Gho Matha! Periyava Thiruvadigal Charanam. Ram Ram

    • Dear Srimathi Lakshmiji,
      The pidi arisi thittam has been renewed as a loyalty card in many famous retail outlets..

    • Madam Lakshmi,

      I came across this detail on the internet. I do not know how far this location is from yr complex. Hope, by Periyavaa’s grace, you are able to achieve your bit.

      Radhagovinda goshala
      Bhaktiv#130, nelagulli village,off kanakpura road, bangalore south, bangalore � 560082
      karnataka, India BNG(U)-BSK/84/2009-10
      PH: 080 65669047

      I also saw their request for contributions, especially fodder, (though mentioned as grass), for their new goshala plan…

      Good luck….

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