Isn’t this bakthi?

Thanks to for the photo….

After seeing this photo, we learn what bakthi is. I have heard about gujarathi people and their devotion. I have never seen a photo where folks show their bakthi and respect in the most appropriate way to a guru! Need to learn a lot from elders!!!


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  1. Shared the photo in facebook page called GREAT SAINTS OF INDIA

  2. Excellent photo.The devotion of the Gujarathi Brahmins have to be emulated by us.Superb

  3. Dhanyosmi Mahesh Garu! Be Periva’s blessings always on you.

  4. Look at one devotee who is doing namaskaram, – he doesnt even have any interest in the photo etc!

    • Mahesh and others I just remembered one important link between Gujarati Brahmins and our Mahaperiyavas great mission in this punya bhoomi – the great saviour of this Humanity the reincarnation of Sri Adi Shankara used the memories of Gujarati Brahmins to make us hear the divine breath of the Adhimoolam that was partioned as Atharvana Veda by our great Maharishi Sri Vedavyasa.

      I bow down to that fount of kindness whose mission was Veda samrakshanam and dharma paripalanam

      Regards and blessings

    • Two ppl – not one

    • Mahesh,two people are doing Namaskarams,,,

  5. I would like to know where this picture was taken? This is absolutely a gem. Could it be Dwarika where there is Adi Shankara Math too? The brahmins and Hindus, all over India and Gujrarat too, are under great danger. Such pictures are not only rare but now extinct!

    • As per the note under the photo it was taken in Ekambareswarar Aghraharam, Chennai in 1932. Incidentally Aghraharam in Tamilnadu traditionally refers to a place exclusively for the residence of Brahmins and has both a Shiva and Vishnu temple. This place is very near Madras central station – off Wall tax road which runs by the side of the station parallel to its platforms.



  7. A wonderful photo . How our Periava has consented for a group photo with the Gujarathi brahmins shows how dedicated these gujarathi brahmins towards our Periava. May Periava bless all brahmins who have shed their illustrious birth to modern culture which has no respect for traditions to restore back to their original culture

  8. A very rare photo preserved all these years. What a sense of bakthi among Gujarathis! Some of them may be alive as Gujarathis have a long span of life thanks to their modest life style.

  9. It is Divine Blessings to me to receive the email with the group photo with Gujarati devotees with Maha Periava, especially it is well know that Gujaratis respects Gomatha and protects them with Goshalas built in many places in India.
    R. Lakshmanan
    22 July 2015

  10. A great photo indeed!

    I was just thinking – in this photo the child seated in the first row who may be around 2 years then may be still alive and may be in our midst! I hope we hear from that soul,the reminiscences of the era bygone and what he/she heard from his/her family of the days of Mahaperiyava divine presence in their midst in Ekambareswarar Aghraharam.

    We are now in a sighing season… starting with the Time Machine…. may be Mahesh wants to be thematic….


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