Time machine!

Parameshwaran on the move....

Parameshwaran on the move….

Over the weekend, I was watching a Tamil movie that is made based on a science-fiction theme – “time machine” – average movie – decently made. They get a machine that will take them to any date present or future. All fiction stories are mostly silly…

The movie made me thinking on what would I do, if I get one such machine?!

Actually the answer came right away – go back to pre-1980s and get a darshan of Mahaperiyava!

Seriously – that would be the only thing I or we all would do. To be precise, identify the time period when Periyava went on Satara padha yatra in some remote villages of Andhra or Maharashtra where there are hardly any folks around Him and have a darshan of Him all day long and/or walk with Him as seen in the picture as much as possible (provided Periyava blesses me to have such a darshan – remember what Periyava told Jayam Paati about what anugraham means?!)

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

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  1. Humble Pranams! In the discussed era, periyava epitomized simplicity and made millions of people to introspect the very purpose of life through multiple events and experiences. If one has truly been inspired by such events, s/he will certainly try to simulate a similar experience – by sleeping in a cow shed, walking in bare foot for miles, interact with public with no expectation/ego but as a curious person to learn their problems. Perhaps at least on 1 day in a year, we should try living such a life that is free from everything that is not “us”.
    I feel Periyava has given you a timeless,priceless,weightless machine – “periyava chinthana”. That thought is beyond trikala and not bounded by time or space. Narayana Narayana!

  2. Periyava Charanam,
    This post is making me right about my feelings rather say me and my husband. We watch several experiences of all the devotees.Yes we are totally dived in to this ocean of ” Anugraha Kadal” and long so much and think how did we miss all this when we could have gone and experienced atleast some our selves. Yes ” Time Machine” will help us to hold on to HIS feet and experience HIS grace ” Nayana Deeksha”.
    Today of all the day I was watching yet another time ” Kanakabishekam to Periyava ” offered by Pudu Periyava and Bala Periyava”. I was continously crying through out the Darshan of Periyava asking loudly why ” I never got a chance to see YOU during all my years of stay in India”. I have seen Periyava only ones when I was a very little girl travelled with my favourite patti- ” Seethalakshmi ” who my father says she hails from ( Appaya Dikshadar Parampara). Periyava came ones in my dream and granted my wish to do a poojai on 3rd of some month ( i dont remember) for my father inlaws health. Yes all forgotten the day we did the ” Ganapathi Homam ” we saw the calendar it was 3rd of a tamil month.
    It is now we are experiencing HIS grace to the insignificant us. There is so much to write about it. I really wanted to share some later. This makes us feel and there is so much longingness to experience HIS presence and Anugraham. We want to profusely thank Sri Sivaraman and Sri Mahesh for fulfilling us, our desire to listen to others experience by their own voice and as write up stories.

    Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

    Swarna Ravi

  3. Dear Mahesh, My wife and I were also watching the movie and we had an elaborate discussion on how Mahan’s like Mahaperiyava, Seshadri Swamigal, Ramanar and all great souls can close their eyes and tell your past janmas. Our closest guess is that all mahans can close their eyes and go back in time just be a witness of the past and identify what certain act we did to cause the suffering in this janma. They then also see what our future is going to be like if we are on the same trajectory as now. Then they decide how much anugraham to bestow on that individual to change their course of life.
    In severe cases where a certain family member pleads for the sake of another person suffering/fighting for their live and they give their anugraham though prasadam like an apple etc, they not only prolong the life but also determine how this special person is going to further serve our dharma. Further, these Mahans will also determine the muhurtham when these people will shed their mortal coil. All this is possible only since they are the Brahman themselves.
    This is my guess, the truth is only known to the mahans themselves.

  4. Dear Mahesh, You have “telepathy” power. Yes, I want to walk with HIM, be with HIM in a remote village and to do 108 “pradakshnam”.
    Jaya Jaya Sankara! Hara Hara Sankara!

  5. Well, I would do the same thing too!


  7. Well Said Sir…even I feel the same…

  8. I am really proud of the constable. He got that opportunity. I wish I would have been in his place. What a lucky person he was/is. Hara Hara Sankara. Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  9. Indeed those days were memorable ones for the ‘blessed’ souls. One could have Periyava all to oneself in those villages near Satara/Gulburga/Pandarpur and so on but for smattering villagers float in and out. Periyava would be sitting all by HIMSELF in that raised platform by the Shankara sanadhi in Satara, I recall climbing up the stairs, namaskaram, and climbed down with no words uttered – was so quiet. When people chant ‘jaya jaya sankara, hara hara sankara’ at a local temple now during pradosham, every single pradosham, my mind drifts back to walking along with Periyava on those village streets, with HIM holding the rickshaw and a few people around chanting the same ……………….. just no doubt, that’s the period I too would choose on the ‘time-machine’

  10. I would like to go much farther. To go right to the date Periyava was born. To take that child on my lap and to feed the child; to sing to the child and to make it sleep; to see the child grow up in the boy who acted in the King Arthur drama; to see the child being selected to be the Periyava that He became. To be there along with that Bala Sanyasi when he acted as if He was learning from those gurus inspite of knowing everything; to be there and see every moment of that Balan’s life; to go to Thiruvanaikkavil kovil when the Thadanga samarppanam happened; to go to Kashi along with the Periyava that He became; to go everywhere and see everything and be there in His presence every single moment; to be there in the sadhas in Ilaiyaththangudi; to be there when He picked up Sri Jayendra Periyava; to be there with Him when Periyava went to Satara; to be there when He made all those speeches to all those who were near Him – all of which became Dheivaththin Kural; to be there when the walking God finally decided to leave His mortal coil….

    I really wish to have this Time Machine!!!

  11. May you get what you desire! You put several souls to at least momentary solace by making them remember Periyavaa and also exposing them to deep philosophical mysteries like the couplet from Brahmasutram and Periyavaa’s lucid explanation. What you sow so you reap!
    We are in a mayaa prapaancham swayed by several external stimulii oscillating from happiness to sorrow and back. But our collective happiness even if momentary is bound to reach you with a great impact and god knows what it may bestow. In a society filled with people who are taking up several wrong causes that is unleashing torrents of papa, your cause let me assure you will bring long lasting peace and true happiness to you and your ancestors and dependents.
    Ithu sathyam


  12. If I have the time travel option, I would also travel back in time and never leave Sri Maha Periyava ever.

    Sri Maha Periyava Thiruvadihaley Saranam Saranam.

  13. WOW..What a nice thought…May Maha Periyava bless all of us on this good wish. In the meantime, when i saw your title, time machine, i was thinking about Maha Periyava, how he used to tell the names of their devotees parents, grandpartents and so on..In fact, Maha periyava used to narrate the stories of generations of devotees right…with no time boundaries ….Jaya Jaya Sankara, Hara Hara Sankara.

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