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  1. Third para from bottom, second word: It is NOT sraardham. It is Sraadham. There is no `r’ in-between Srra & dham. It is Sraadham. [Sri Mahaaperiyavaa, Deivaththin Kural]

  2. What to comment. We do not know anything. Only all his Pichais are guiding us. Always We have to think only his lotus feet. You are really doing very marvelous kainkaryam silently. very great human being.

    • We cannot comment about Maha PERIAVA We can only melt in our heart of the extreme kindness of mahas peirava and feel sorry that we cannot see yet another Periava in our life time and pray for His guidance inour daily life. Let us all pray MahaPeriava to protect our Hindu darma from evil forces in our Bharatha desam

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