Periyava on golden chariot on moola nakshatra day

What a wonderful video? Not just from the video quality but the whole event on a very quiet evening on a normal day when Periyava is so relaxed. It is amazing to see His guru bakthi of our Periyava! In this age, with so much of difficulty in walking, He still goes complete pradakshinam along with the chariot. When it comes to His guru, He gets more strength…..The deeparadhanai He does to His guru – kaana kan kodi vendum!!! Good to see Sri Kumar and Balaji getting ummachi thatha’s prasadam at the end….

Thanks to Vignesh Studios for capturing such a great video and sharing with us. It takes us all Kanchipuram. One can have his hearty darshan of Periyavas! Hope Periyava will give me an India trip soon for another darshan of Him at the adishtanam!!!

Vandhe Kanchi Guru Paramparam!!!

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  2. Thank you sir, for posting this video.Blessed are all.

  3. Dear Mahesh,

    Thank you for posting this… For many of us who were blessed to see in person at some time in atleast for one occasion of processions and pray for others too who are not physically there, is a refreshing the mind… For me it is THEIR Grace to be there on when first pradakshinam of Golden Chariot made at Sri Matam.

    Pl. make it a point to be there on one occassion, how without difficulty the beautiful chariot manovers in sharp curves… HIS GRACE

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