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Along with you I have hundreds of articles where devotees talked about how Periyava helped them in getting reservation in a train, catch the last bus/train, make a unscheduled stop of a train in a station etc! To me, most of them I read and enjoyed as “miracles” and some stayed on our mind and most of them I forgot those incidents because I do not know the actual reason why that happened. Who thought that I would experience such a thing! Here is my story from yesterday:

I was supposed to take a flight at 6PM back home. My work got over much sooner so I decided to explore previous flights. There were two options – one at 2.30 PM and other one was 3.45 PM. When I checked this it was already 1.30. For a fraction of a second I thought that it would be great if I could to 2.30 PM so that I can do my nithya puja myself as opposed to my son doing it…Then I realized it is bit late and drove to an Indian restaurant to eat. I drove to the front door of the restaurant and parked. For a fraction of a second that it occurred to me that it if I eat garlic, I can’t chant vedam. Suddenly I decided to skip lunch and try attempting for 2.30 itself.

I drove to airport, the agent told me that 2.30PM flight is a small aircraft (88 seat capacity) with oversold tickets. She said that I stand no chance in making to that flight and even the next one ahd she suggested me to stick with my original flight…Still I requested to put me on a stand-by mode (waiting list) for 2.30. I proceeded to the gate….

At the gate, I realized that there were totally 11 people on stand-by. I was at 5th spot as I have the Platinum status (nothing to be proud of!). The guys before me must be with higher status than mine.  I got myself a non-garlic sandwich – finished it. Waiting….For a fraction of a second I said to myself “We have heard from Sri Ghatam Subash mama about incidents how Periyava made him possible to fly on a plane and also read so many incidents similar to that. Here I am sitting…..”

Kept checking the monitor. Interestingly, I was pushed down to 6th position. Then I realized that this is over as I have zero chances of making to that flight – I opened up my laptop, connected the power cable. I texted back home that I couldn’t make it to 2.30 – will end up taking my original flight at 6PM! That is when I heard the agent announcing my name with lot of struggle to pronounce. I went and asked for whom did she page.

She showed me the just-printed boarding pass and asked, “Is this you?”.


“You better hurry, we are closing the gate”

I looked at the monitor – I still see my name at 6th spot!

Thursday evening for business travelers is critical in US- all flights will be booked and no one will give up their seat even if you offer them anything as all wants to go home! Even if if there are no-shows, having 5 no-shows on a same flight (with different last names) are impossible. The very reason I got pushed down to 6th spot is due to someone showed up at the gate in the last minute with better status. So clearly, it is not that someone gave up. There were 100 incidents where I was at wait list #1 and still didn’t make it to the flight. I could not find any other reasons – I am sure there are other business flyers in the blog…They can comment better..So what is it?


I thought through this during flight back. Then it struck to me about few thoughts came to me in few fractions of seconds. I started rewinding back! In my opinion, the very thought of my desire to do nithya puja if I land early+ proactively prepared myself by eating non-garlic lunch + thinking about Periyava must have made this happen. This is the only explanation I could think of…That is when I realized that all the incidents we read about making last bus to get delayed etc happened for some specific reason that only that person involved and Periyava knew.

To me, this is a first of the kind of experience. I still don’t know how this happened. Glad it happened! After I sat down for my puja in the evening, I realized that it was guruvaram! So did a special abishekam and puja for His padhukas!

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

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  1. Dear Satheesh, I was thinking Mahesh garu is the one blessed soul by Periva (otherwise such a time spending work he offers by providing these stuff to all of us, is not possible without HIS blessings), but after reading your experience, I could not express my feelings by words as throat got a struck for a moment. What a blessed man you are! We all not reached to your level indeed. HIS Charanam Sharanam!

    • Mahaperiyavaa is great sir.It was my longing desire to let people know about this and Mahesh sir helped to bring this out…

      I started reading Deivathin Kural one chapter daily. Should we follow any anushtanam while reading that book like what people use to do for Saibaba??? Sorry I don’t know but I blindly read the book. Plz let me know

  2. sri satheesh, i was in tears when i finished reading your experience. you are a blessed soul. Periyava charanam

  3. Namaskarams! I would like to share an experience from just this past week when HH Mahaperiayavaa came to my rescue!

    I flew to Paris last Sunday, to start a new job on Monday. Unfortunately both my checked in bags that had my business casual clothes were misplaced by the airline. At 3 PM on a Sunday, I was facing a reality that I might have to go to my new job in a top tier strategy firm in jeans and a t-shirt.

    I prayed, actually called out to Mahaperiayava and pleaded “can you please take care of this? I trust that you will make sure everything will be OK”. With that, I landed up at the hotel. The hotel called around the Ralph Lauren store and a clothing megastore, only to find both were closed at that time on a Sunday. I didnt lose hope. I knew Periayavaa wouldnt let me down.

    The hotel recommended I go to Champs Elysee. The cab driver stopped at a random place. I got out and entered the very first store that appeared open. It was a boutique that happened to have formal shirts, shoes, shirt, and a pair of trousers that were a PERFECT FIT!

    I bought this, dropped off the stuff in my room and returned to walk up and down Champs Elysee. Guess what? There was NO OTHER STORE that had business casual clothes and open that day. Also, the ones like H&M, Cielo, Zara Men etc. had clothes in super-slim and slim sizes that wouldnt have fit at all.

    If I had been dropped off either up or down the street, I would have wasted time searching through these stores and walking by closed stores … and not found the clothes in time.

    Mahaperiayava was indeed listening and came to the rescue.

  4. Maha Periyava always Blesses and Protects His Devotees! Nam Kadan Avarukkup PaNi Seythu Kidappathum Avar UpadesangkaLaik Kadaippidippathumthaan! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  5. We are so much used to move the “mouse”osome con oif a search engin3 8/7 to get the infowe need. Weinariable get around million entries in fraction of secnds. We don’t consider them a miracle at all. But, alsas, since we have lost thje art of moving the:”moiuse-vshanasn” oin yhr rtight way, when smeone gets belessed to do it and get it, in mysterious ways, we feel it a miracle. Let HIM bless us wih pure devotion and conviction, every moment of our lives wil be miracledfor the onlookers.

  6. Dear Sathish Sir,

    Spellbound by your experience.


  7. Dear RaiSelRamanan Sir,

    Is the book which translated into english available ?

    You have done such a noble service by bringing out the book in English for so many of MahaPeriyava Devotees who are non-tamil readers.

    Do let me know about the book.


  8. Thanks Mr.Mahesh & Mr.Satheesh for sharing your experiences. Both have shown the Abhayahastham of Swamijis when you are ardently devoted to them. I have no more words to express. Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara

  9. Andanallur Vedanarayanan & Kamala. I once remeber to have shared I got a Government transport from a
    Maha Periyava camp near Solapur (Maharashtra) from a remote village away from main road…to Solapur Station after attending a Aradhana performed by Sri Maha Periyava and got 2 berths from Solapur to Bombay ona Sunday evening…. I am now recaling an incident 0f 1952. will share with you all shortly…in this page.
    Jaya jaya Sankara. ..

  10. Dear Mahesh and Blessed Devotees,

    Thanks for sharing this…

    A SURGERY fixed for Operation in HAND, NEVER HAPPENED because of His Grace… When we were Blessed to Translate “Maha Periyavalum Ekambaramahiya Nanum” from Tamil to English, under the title “Poojaya Sree Kanchi Maha SWamigal – His Foot Print Ekambaram”…

    LISTEN to the experience at YOUTUBE

    Miracles and Experiences keep Happening every day and our life is not suffecient to post them even if we write one a day…

    Everything is HIS LEELA

    Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

    Om Namo Bagawathe Sri Ramanayah

  11. very moving incidents in the case of Mr.Satheesh.All Maha Periyava’s grace.
    Hara Hara Sankara Jaya jaya sankara

  12. Lord Shiva is said to have 5 faces – sadyajAta, vAmadeva, aghora, tatpurusha and Ishana. With these faces, Lord Shiva performs the five-fold actions – creation (srishti), sustenance (stithi), dissolution (layam), making ground for regeneration (tirodhAnam) and providing grace (anugraham).

    MahaperiyavA, the Supreme Person (you can call that supreme person as Brahma, Vishnu or Shiva or Devi), assumes the form of a human being to provide grace (anugraham) only. He hides all the other functions from us.

    One line from from mahAperiyavA anga pUja:

    sadyojAta vAmadeva aghora tatpuruSha IshAna iti paMcavaktra pashupataye namaH | mukhaM pUjayAmi |

    Meaning: Salutations to five faced Shiva who is the refuge for all jIvAs (pashupati).

    One of the 108 names from maTha pAtaH

    kaTaksha mAtra mokshecca janakAyaka namo namaH:

    Meaning: Obeisance to Him, who by His mere glance bestows the desire for liberation to jIvAs.

    Hara Hara Shankara. Jaya Jaya Shankara…

  13. Mahaperiava is Deivam and to have lived, when He was on this earth. It is His grace that most of the devotees had the chance of meeting Him and got His blessings.This is one such soul.

  14. Dear Satheesh,

    You are such a great soul – your devotion to Sri Maha Periyavaa and to Sri Ranganathar and Sri Hanumar is what made this happen. They are all always with you, protecting you every moment. Perhaps They saved you by taking you to a place of safety before the fire broke out. They probably saved your life also in addition to saving your valuable documents – such is the very high state of your bhakthi.

    Jaya Jaya Shankara! Hara Hara Shankara!

  15. Dear Sir,

    It’s certainly MahaPeriyavaa who made it happen…

    I am very much interested to post my personal experience with MahaPeriyavaa, but since I don’t find a way to create a new post, let me add here please… If you don’t mind…. If you can create this as a new post, I will be more happy…

    My Personal Experience which happened two years back

    Originally I was a strict Shri Vaishnavite (Iyengar) from Srirangam, slowly I came to know about Mahaperiyavaa, started listening to all the devotees experiences in internet and he slowly attracted me and I became a complete Mahaperiyavaa devotee afterwards.

    I wanted to narrate an incident (accident) happened two years back when I was in North Carolina. I lived in an Apartment without any room mates. That was my last day in that Apartment as I got project in a different state and had to relocate. I went to downtown to surrender my modem and when I came back home, there was a big shock for me… YES, my Apartment was in a major fire. No one informed me about it and by the time when I came back it was already one hour over.

    I am stopped at the entrance by authorities and no one is allowed to enter. Large fire teams came to stop the fire, they fight for two hours and then stopped it.

    So totally the FIRE WAS ON FOR THREE HOURS……

    Imagine my situation outside – I am crying outside literally looking at my house for two hours. My Passport ,Visa and original academic mark sheets are inside.. what will I do?? where will I go??? whom will I avail for help???

    I cried to Mahaperiyavaa to help save my file which has passport ,visa documents, original marksheets, etc..

    YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE THIS- After the fire is stopped, I cried and explained my situation to the authorities and told them that I want to get inside my house to see what happened to my documents. The stair case is burnt and so many fumes in my house coming out… one officer helped me, escorted me to get inside my house and my balcony,living room, bathroom, bedroom everything is badly affected..

    But in my Puja room inside the kitchen ( I allocated one wardrobe of kitchen as my puja room and do daily prayers to Mahaperiyavaa and Anjaneyar and to my Ranganathar).. Mahaperiyavaa is smiling at me.. YES, nothing happened to the puja Room.. I was very very happy.. went in and grabbed the photos quickly and cried loudly.. the officer couldn’t understand what I am doing..


    Officer asked me to immedieately go out and I did and the moment after I came out, the stair case also broke down…

    what can you tell about Mahaperiyavaa’s karunyam to a very small devotee like me who did nothing to him—???

    I am really feeling why I am not born in his time so that I could have done kainkaryams to him and be with him itself through out my life time..


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