Gho Matha Samrakshanam – Gho Matha has Great Divine Powers

18. ஸாந்நித்ய விசேஷம்


– Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara – A small chapter explaining the great divine powers of Gho Matha. Periyava has shown us the way in many instances by performing anushtanams and japams in Ghosala’s or Cow shed. Even if it is not logisitically possible to do anushtanams let’s make it a point to find a Cow Shelter (Gho Gruham) where Gho Mathas reside and do Bhagawan Nama Japam for at least 5-10 minutes every week which will yield billion times of Punniyam than normal.  Let’s also ensure we don’t go empty handed; buy some agathikeerai or fodder for Gho Mathas fulfilling our duty of Gho Matha Samrakshanam. They will be looking forward to it eagerly, telling from Adiyen’s personal experience :-). Ram Ram

தன்னிடமிருந்து த்ரவியங்களைக் கொடுத்து யஜ்ஞ ரக்ஷையைச் செய்கிற கோ, எதையும் கொடுக்காவிட்டாலும் தன்னுடைய ஸாந்நித்ய மாத்ரத்திலேயே மந்த்ரங்களை ரக்ஷித்துக் கொடுக்கிற வல்லமை வாய்ந்ததாக இருக்கிறது. அதனால்தான் மாட்டுக்கொட்டிலில் ஜபம் செய்தால் கோடிப் பங்கு (மடங்கு) பலன் என்பது. கோஷ்டம்’ என்ற மாட்டுக் கொட்டிலை போன்ற பரிசுத்தமான ஸ்தலம் எதுவும் இல்லை.*

*1927ல் மஹாத்மா காந்தியை ஸ்ரீசரணர் பாலக்காட்டிலுள்ள நெல்லிச்சேரியில் மாட்டுக் கொட்டிலிலேயே சந்தித்தார் என்பது குறிப்பிடத்தக்கது.

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  1. It should be “GO” matha only and not “GHO” Matha.
    But nowadays it is very difficult to find one in cities. #Even in villages nobody keeps cows but purchase packet milk only, except those who sells milk to cooperative.

    • In Sanskrit, Mother Cow should be spelled strongly so it is Gho and not a light Go. It is pretty subjective. I beg to disagree that is difficult to see cows in cities. You will find few cow shelters in almost every part in the City. For eg. even Annanagar which is fast becoming a concrete jungle has a few cow sheds, Arumbakkam, Kodambakkam, Nungambakkam, etc all have a few. One has to just look around. We just have to take some time to find it. As Periyava says, when there is a will there is definitely a way. In this kainkaryam we definitely should have the mind rather than bluntly dismissing it. Ram Ram

  2. Excellent.maha punniam to read the article.sastanga mlnamaskarams to mahaperiava.dayanandnabll

  3. Thanks a lot to Kanchi FB Paramacharya community for translation

    18. Cow has Great Divine Powers

    The cow which protects the yajnas by giving the important materials needed for the same has the power to protect the efficacy of the manthras by its mere presence. That is why it is said that doing japa inside a cow shed yields Crores of times the benefit that normally accrues. There is no place as pure as a ‘koshtam’, the cattle shed.

    In 1972, HH Maha Periyava met Mahathma Gandhiji in a Cow Shed in Nellichery, Kerala; a key point to be noted here.

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