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  1. This enlarged photograph will radiate divine blessings of Periva.

    Chandrasekaraya Namah

  2. so many thanks. can you please send similar high quality photos of Sri periaval and Sri bala periaval.

  3. Dear Mahesh,

    A request.

    Is it possible to post us a HD photo with his pada malarkal & blessing with BOTH hands?

    i will send a photo of what is in my mind. But it is not a good enough print.

    i think you may have it in your collection.


  4. aiyeram kodi vandhanam indha pokkisathai koduthatharku. .v.subhurayen coimbatore

  5. என்ன சொல்லி நான் அழைத்தால் வருவீரோ ! குருவே
    இன்னும் எத்தனை நாள் பக்தி செய்தால் காட்சி தருவீர் !

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