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Thanks to Sri Sridhar Thyagarajan for the article…Although I enjoyed this, I am not that surprised as this mani mandapam was built by Mahaperiyava’s most favorite baktha Sri Pradosham mama. This thaapam to build this is known to everyone. His struggle to bring this one up is probably not known to everyone. Only yesterday, I posted a newsletter from Sri Pradosham mama gruham. Periyava is prathyaksham in his house – He has told this and this has been captured in several incidents also….This article simply validates what I posted yesterday. Wherever things are done out of pure bakthi, Periyava will be there!

Blessed are those two souls who heard Periyava chanting!

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

Orikkai_Mani_Mantapam(I have reproduced Sridhar’s email as-is – not made any changes)
It was 2013 Aug when I visited Maha Periava’s temple at Orirukkai. Around 4PM, just about the time when the temple opened up. I had a lovely darshan of Maha Periava and after offering my prayers and while doing pradakshina something inside me said to speak to the vadiyar mama at the temple and ask him if he had any experience of Maha Periava.

I did pradakshina and waited for Ganapathi mama (Vadiyar at the temple) to become free as there were few more devotees taking prasadam from him. Once hew became free I approached him quite nervously and asked him if he had any experience which he would share with me. At once he agreed and started narrating which I carry to the wider people with his permission.

As usual, one day early in the morning, opening the sanctum sanctorum Ganesh mama could hear someone chanting ‘Jaya jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara’ in a faingt voice and it did sound to him as Maha Periava’s voice. He did admit that he got little nervous and looked at the security person close to him. To his surprise before he could say something, security person (Sorry I do not know his name) expressed the same thing and said that he could hear someone chanting.

They both looked at each other not knowing what to do. Ganapathi mama stationed the security person at the Orikkai_Periyava_Kumaresan_mamathreshold of the sanctum sanctorum and went to fetch water from the well for abhishekam.

On his return, he could still hear the chanting. They both decided to go round the Sanctum Snctorum, one clockwise and the other ant-iclockwise to check if some one was left behind inside fromprevious night. No one was there.

Something stuck Ganapathi mama and he immediately called one of the office bearers in Chennai and asked him about Mettur Swami’s health. Ofice bearer from the other end said that he had seen Mettur swami an evening before and his health was stable and nothing to be worried about.

However, later that day the same office bearer called Ganapathi mama to say the Mettur swamigal had attained his siddhi. Yes it was on a Diwali day this happened. Ganapathi mama said to me that he is one hundred percent positive that Maha Periava is living still in Orirukkai and is blessing all his devotees with extreme karunai.

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  1. Who am i an ordinary mortal totally unfit to comment on Sri Maha periyava? Suffice to say that even in blinding rain on the 2nd of july 2018 He got me and my aged wife to His abode after 7 pm as we were new and searching to reach Him.May He bless all those who worship Him. Humble Namaskarams at His Holy feet.

  2. I will visit this great temple on my next trip to Chennai with my wife. I have not yet seen 🙁

  3. There is a verse in Shri Lalitha Sahasranama “Dhyaana dheya dhyaatru roopa” . The meaning is something like this, One who contiuously thinks of the vigraha of his Ishta deivatam , he himself becomes That. That is why it is said ‘Bhagvaa, Bhakta & Bhagavat’ three are one and the same. I learnt Shri Mooka Pancha-sati first 100 shlokas and was not regular in reciting them. On the day when Shri Mahaperiyava took Mahasamadhi, I had an urge to recite that shloka at an odd hour and was doing so. Then I came to know that He attained Mahasamadhi .

  4. Great Experience! Helps us to remember Maha Periyava, HH Mettur SwamigaL and Pradosham Maama! God Lives at Orirukkai, Pradosham Maama Griham and Govindapuram MahaSwamy Tapovanam! Hara Hara Shankara, jaya Jaya Shankara!

  5. Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara.

  6. Pray Mahaperiyava bless us also with his divine grace.We also visited manimandapam and pradosha mamas house.May Periyava bless us to b there for long time and experience his presence in our next visit..

  7. My own divine experience with Periyava on the day he attained Mahasamadhin on Jan 08, 1994 still remains fresh in my mind. I had been presented with a book of his anugraha bhashans, as a prize for my reciting 20 slokas of Mooka Panchasathi before him when I was in VIII Std in Srirangam. I hold the book till date as a divine treasure. On that great day of his Mahasamadhi, he directed me through my mind to read a lecture from the book, for some unknown reasons and I simply obeyed his instructions. By afternoon, the news came to me that he has attained Mahasamadhi and the news offered me immense peace of mind, instead of any sorrow. He still lives in our hearts as ever.

  8. Great divine saints like Maha Periyava do not leave the earth and the devotees once for all, when they leave their earthly bodies. They continue to work for their bakthas whether in body or not. The Guru is the only channel towards God and the channel remains active till it serve the ultimate purpose of merging the bakthas with the Brahmam.

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