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Somehow I forgot to post this one earlier….As usual, incidents that shows Periyava’s karunyam to those who have served Sri Pradosham mama. I have heard Ganjira Sri Ganesh Kumar saying that Periyava had told that all those who have been doing kainkaryam at Sri Pradosham mama’s house will have moksha praapthi.

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!!!





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  1. Sri Pradosham Mama’s janma nakshatram is Revathi, which is also celebrated at Mahaperiyava temple. Hence, that is included here.

  2. i also want to know why revathy star day is printed?

  3. சொல்லிகிட்டே இருக்க தோணுது! குருவின் நாமம்

    சொல்லிகிட்டே இருக்க தோணுது!

    சொல்லிகிட்டே இருக்க தோணுது! நாமமதை

    சொல்ல மறந்தால் மனமும் மருகுது!

  4. This prompts me to mention my own experience of Mahaperiava’s Karunai Mazhai.1989 Oct. I was hospitalized in Hyderabad and 3 arterial blocks were found.Doctors initially decided on bypass surgery.When doctor told me this I was reading Deivathin Kural and showing him Periava’s pic. I asked him could I recover to a level to be of service to Him.
    I was surprised to be told to come back after a few days prepared for Angioplasty and no surgery).Same day my mentor, Sri.PK Muthuswmi Ayyar,who knew about my illness
    tod Mahaperiava on the same day and HH gave him a single dry Dhrakshai to be sent to me and I had the procedure done without Anesthesia and more surprisingly I had to pay no money as I was told by the hospital they would charge it to my employer,IDPL
    and later I was told there was no such arrangement with the hospital, as they had confused IDPL for IDL! And later IDPL management kindly agreed to Pay the bill.How could this happen without Mahaperiava’s grace! And more surprising ,as if to fulfil my wish to be of service to HH, in 1993 I was enrolled as a Trustee in Periava’s Trust for renovation of Temples in kancheepuram and I was associated with Thiruppani of 2 important Temples, Sri.Kayaarahaneswarar Temple and Kasi Viwanathar Temple in Kanchi.

  5. pl I want to know why they mentioned Revathi natchathiram,is there any importance or anything related.

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