Important appeal from Nochiyam Mahaperiyva Temple


After a long break, I talked to Smt Rajalakshmi mami of Nochiyam Mahaperiyava Thapovanam. She was updating me on the current status of the temple. From my conversation with mami, with the blessings of Periyava, the temple is slowly stabilizing, local devotees are starting to come and plans are in place to sustain the operation by creating corpus funds etc. It is a slow process but they are making some incremental progress.

Mami wanted me to share an important appeal with all of you. As mami is 83 years old and the immediate need is to get  very reliable person(s) who can run this institution by being on the ground. She wants to get this succession plan implemented as soon as possible as age is not by her side. The ideal person should be very satvik in nature, honest, with enough administration/leadership skills, keeping Periyava as his/her #1 priority and the right mind to deal things as per Periyava’s upadesams. Mami insisted that this person should be a person of peace. If we bring a wrong person, then peace will be gone and the whole purpose will be defeated. Mami is not looking for just one person – she actually needs few dedicated folks to take care of each track – temple, ghosala etc.

This temple has evolved itself and had created a great environment. Very satvik food, pure milk, pure air, pure water – on top of all Rajarajeswari and Periyava right next to them! If someone is looking for peace, you can’t find any  better place.  Mami had constructed initial few houses for such people (even as a couple) to stay and serve. One should have had enough punyams to do such a great kainkaryam!! I asked mami specifically about medical facilities around this place. Mami had made arrangements for doctors to visit this place for regular consultation and there are other big hospitals near this place.

Talking to mami is always inspiring – increases our bakthi to greater degree. There is nothing she claims as her credit. She has no clue how this temple came – she says it is all His leela. She strongly believes that at 80+, where she has no strength to carry a bucket of water, she couldnt have done anything without His help….She is very confident that when Periyava took care of getting this temple built from the scratch, He will send reliable folks to manage it as well. However it is our responsibility as true devotees of Periyava to refer ONLY people who are very genuine and help mami and continue there. I wish I could do this job! I wish I could be of some service to an institution like this!

If there are any NRIs whose parents or anyone who need a very peaceful place to spend their retired life and also contribute by playing this role, please feel free to contact mami at +91 9443370605.

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

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  1. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara !

    Sure that some soul have already been blessed with Maha Periva in this universe! Dreams of Rajalakshmi Mami will be taken care by Maha Periva.

    • Yes , Correctly said. Sri Mahaperiyava will take care. Otherwise HE would’nt have given green signal to mami for commencing this work.

    • Unfortunately the big challenges in implementing such projects, despite the noble intentions, are i) Need to have committed people to manage over time and ii) continued funds flowing to keep the operations going.
      After the original sponsors step down it is extremely difficult to maintain the same spirit.
      That is why even Kanchi Mutt discourages such “stand-alone” projects. I have personally heard all this from Sri Bala Periyaval.
      Anyhow, I pray that Mami soon finds a capable and committed successor

  2. there is an old devotee at 93,radha nagar ,chromepet who has rendered his fullest service during periva”s period.he can also be interviewed to know more of his experience with periva.prabho shankara….

  3. Bagavath Sangalpam.. Periyawal will be with Maami in this transition process. Who is that lucky soul to carry ahead the light fulfilling Periyawal’s Dharma & Maami’s dream.

  4. Vedanarayanan & Kamala Pune. I too wish I could do this noble job.
    I am also an octogenerian. I had similar wish to serve such institutions. Now, it is too late an offer. I am refering to like minded friends (members of Sankara Seva & Veda Samithi, Pune) and relatives…. We wish to visit Nochiam during our next visit to South.

    • Dear Sri A S Vedanarayanan

      Recall our meeting at your residence in Andheri in 1976 along with Mr.A.B.Srinivasan (of Western Railway) and A.B.Lakshminarayanan (of Glaxo at your residence)when you were in Khar Telephone Exchange Mumbai. I am K K Viswanathan their nephew .I am from Thane. ABS and ABL are fine .My Mob: is 9869407391Thanks w regards

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