Salute to Varagoor Sri Narayanan Mama


All facebook users need no introduction about Varagoor Sri Narayanan Mama and his contribution to the world of Mahaperiyava. This article is for the rest.

Lack of awareness about digitization is pretty significant in India. Our publishers, libraries, educational institutions have not taken a serious step towards this. When it comes to Periyava devotees, there are so many treasures that are hidden in some books, paper articles. Facebook, this blog and other sites have triggered some amount of efforts in making these contents available digitally. Couple of years back when I visited India, I showed HH Bala Periyava about how we can condense all seven volumes of Dheivathin Kural into one electronic tablet like iPad etc – not that He did not know this earlier but seeing in action is more effective. He blessed me to bring out more contents digitally. Ideally the publishers should take the lead in the digitization process than individuals like us.In fact they could sell more and make more money – I always wonder why they fail to understand this!

From that front, Sri Narayanan mama has been silently bringing out 1000s of articles from various books into digital format by typing them in Tamil Unicode for the past 2+ years. This includes articles from “Dharisana Anubhavangal”, Sakthi Vikatan and various other countless number of sources. Only those who have typed in Tamil would know how time consuming it is when compared to typing in English. Imagine typing 1000s of articles in Tamil from the scratch! It is beyond my comprehension on how much time mama must be spending on this at his age. More importantly how he managed to convince his family for the time he is spending!!!!!! While many of us (self included!!!) are making so much noise about their own work, mama has been silently doing this himalayan task! To me, this is thapas! This is what Periyava had said and we could see how mama follows! Technically speaking, this is a great digital revolution.

Mama predominantly posts in Facebook. The major problem with Facebook’s design is that content/data being varagoor_narayananvery transient. The logic it follows what to display to you when you go to FB is pretty complex. Many times, the article I read 10 mts back would be gone when you visit next time!! That is the way how FB works. The only way to find out is by doing a search, which is not very easy interface anyway….Whereas in traditional websites, blogs like this, data is permanent and you can do a search on a key word, search by a tag and you can easily locate the article. I have already suggested mama to preserve those articles and posts in a web site where it would reside forever.  I have offered to post them in our blog by properly grouping them so that it would result in a great collection of digital books.

On behalf of the blog, I sincerely thank mama for his selfless contribution to the world of periyava devotees. Let us pray Mahaperiyava to give mama and his family all the health, wealth and blessings!

Thank you very much mama! My namaskarams to you!

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

In the next article, I will write about one similar individual, who is doing most outstanding “similar” contributions to our Sri Kanchi Sankara Matam – Sri BGS.

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  1. Can I know his Facebook profile please

  2. mama Translation is excellent and He should Long Life with good health. God Bless him

  3. ‘this is thapas!’ – Exactly true. Really a great work. We all sincerely thank mama for his selfless contribution as Periyavaa devotees.

  4. shree periyavaa potri potri online periayava as our shri VN ji namasthe

  5. Salute for your wonderful effort. Kudos.Hari om

  6. Humble pranams to those in the service of the divine.

  7. Congrats ,,வாழ்த்த வயதில்லை வரகூரன்மாமா ,தங்களின் பணி மென்மேலும் தொடர மஹா பெரியவளை பிரார்த்திக்கிறேன் ….

  8. நமஸ்காரம்

  9. Pranams To Sri Narayanamama and Mami.Without Mami’s consent and cooperation this monumental work would not have been possible.Humbly seek Periava’blessings for the couple for a very long healthy and happy life to continue the work to benefit humanity at large.
    Can we have his address and phone no please ,to enable us to offer our help in the great yagyam

  10. excellent service by shri Varagoor Narayanan.May Sri Maha periava bless hium

  11. ramanathan

  12. Appreciate this great effort. Namaskaram.

  13. Really great service done by sri Narayanan Mama. Humble pranams to him. jaya jaya sankara hara hara sankara

  14. Kodi namaskaram..salute to his dedicated service to periyava.. Aiyan karunai

  15. Thanks Mahesh for giving messages about Narayanan mama.Sincere request to combine all such notes in book form will be useful to all.
    Hence these experiences of devotees with mahaperiyva will be evergreen.
    Mamas work to be applauded by everyone.

  16. My humble pranaams to the great devotee..

  17. Namaskarams to Sri Mama. I am willing to do tamil typewriting.

  18. It is indeed a great service to the society in general and devotees of Shri Mahaperiava in particular. Every day we open either FB or gmail we can see a new post by him on Mahaperiava which gives us a motivation and the day starts with that tonic. Mama and Mami, our pranams to you both for your kaingariyam. Vazhga valamudan.

  19. Varagooran Mama does this work everyday rain or shine like a penance! His dedication is commendable. My namaskarams to him and mami, and salutations to his hard work.

  20. நாராயண மாமாவுக்கு பணிவான நமஸ்காரம் வரகூர் ராயன் கூட்டம் சேதுராமன்

  21. நாராயண மாமாவுக்கு நமஸ்காரம். உங்கள் இப்பணி தொடர வாழ்த்துக்கள்.

  22. ThoNdartham Perumai Sollavum Arithee! Varagooran Narayanan Maama has a stupendous output in posting Maha Periyava related topics and Devotee Experiences. It is extremely thoughtful of Sri. Mahesh to facilitate him in the blog. As a trueThonNar of Maha Periyava, Sri. Varagooran Narayanan Maama is doing such selfless, yeoman service. Our Namaskaarams to him and may his work continue with Maha Periyava’s Blessings being ever on him! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  23. “Ideally the publishers should take the lead in the digitization process than individuals like us.In fact they could sell more and make more money “– I always wonder why they fail to understand this! – In my opinion Kanchi mutt should have done it long before similar to many Christian institution and distribute the same free of cost to people One chapter per print There is no dearth of fund for them But they are not interested I was telling this to our samajam friends too But Nothing happens.I am doing similar works and I am good at tamil typing too I AM WILLING TO PARTICIPATE But how about the copy rights part of it? How to handle? Today Mahaperiyava is a brand name that sells and many make money out of it Even visiting some blogs to read articles like this gives them money and that is why they publish to which i do not want to be a party.

  24. வரகூரான் நாராயணன் மாமா முகநூலுக்கு கிடைத்துள்ள வரப்பிரசாதம்.

  25. kodi pranams to respected varagooran mama

  26. Salutes to Vaagooran Mama!

    On “In fact they could sell more and make more money”,
    Perhaps it’s mahaperiyava’s wish for this to be a crowdsourced activity than a commercial one.

    A Humble Appeal,
    Over the last few years through this blog, monthly anusham meetings and other such initiatives a number of individuals and groups have gathered together.
    How would it be if we have a website (PeriyaBook?) to do this karyam?
    0) List the priority books and speeches to be digititized and let groups self nominate themselves so that work would not be repeated.
    1) Digitisation: Can we have a simple method through which we digitize – 1 page per person every week?. 2) Proofing: We can have a review group fluent in tamil to revikew this
    3) Translation to English(first): Volunteers can translate this to English
    4) Translate back to other languages(on need basis): Through respective anusham and other groups.
    5) PDF: Then finally we publish it in PDF and other formats.

    Mistakes can be reviewed and updated very similar to Wikipedia.
    (In fact wikipedia platform can be used for this work as well).
    Like OpenSource groups, we need a PeriyavaSource group.

    There are lot of people who might have time but not know how to use softwares. We could organize simple training programs at local level to train the maamas and young-thaathas.

    Pranams to the mahaperiyavaa’s thought in my fingers that typed this.

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